The Aeries Career Pathway Dashboard

Tags: Career Pathways, CCPT

For years, schools have put forth great efforts to manage students' Career Technical Education data in order to comply with Carl Perkins and newer California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) requirements. Aeries Software is pleased to introduce a new page in Aeries Web Version to help facilitate the process of identifying concentrators and completers within a specific Career Pathway. The Career Pathway Dashboard will help users identify these students all within one page. The Dashboard gives users the ability to mass add current year participation records and completion statuses all in one single click. Gone are the days of analyzing queries and multiple-step methods to add or import data into CTE to populate the data needed for state and grant reporting.

The Career Pathway Dashboard is designed to create and extract the data needed for various submissions, such as CALPADS, CCPT, and the Irvine Foundation Grant Reporting. The setup is simple and the conversion process will pull everything in your current CTE tables to the new tables supported by this new Aeries Web page all in just a few clicks.

The Career Pathways tab on the Courses page has also been updated to reflect a new design for the CCP table. The new design of this table makes the information school-based and replaces the old Completer flag with a Level field of Intro, Concentrator, Completer, or Academic Support.

To view the full documentation, click here.

Additionally, to view a recent webinar on how to utilize the new Career Pathways Dashboard, click here.