The Latest Aeries Training Videos

Tags: Training videos, Student Groups, Custom Report Builder, Web Installation

Aeries Software is pleased to release its latest set of training videos. As announced previously, the future of Aeries® SIS is on the web and the latest training videos fittingly cover various aspects of the web version of Aeries. Expect to see more videos to supplement documentation as brand new functionality is added that is only available in the Aeries Web Version. Some new video series include:

Aeries Web Version Student Groups

The Aeries Web Version Student Groups capability greatly improved upon and capabilities of the original feature in the Aeries Client Version, as we detailed upon its release. The new form allows for the creation and maintenance of ad-hoc student groups, which you can easily filter down to on the Student Search and View All Reports screens, making looking up, reviewing, and running reports for specific Student Groups a simple process.

  • 1. Overview & Methods of Use
  • 2. Creating Student Groups & Adding Students
  • 3. Creating Student Groups for Teacher Use

Aeries Web Version Custom Report Builder

The new and improved Custom Report Builder released in the web version allows Custom Report Admins to create Pre-Configured Custom Report Items and setup Color Layouts. Custom Report users can then create a report by selecting the pre-configured report items to include in the report.

  • 1. Introduction & Printing Existing Custom Reports
  • 2. Creating & Editing Reports
  • 3. Report Types
  • 4. Color Layouts
  • 5. Importing from Aeries Client Version

Aeries Web Version Installation

This video series details the steps involved with installing Aeries Web Version - unless you decide to have Aeries Software handle this for you with our hosting services. Some topics covered include planning enough server resources, considering virtual machines versus physical machines, preparing servers, database setup tasks, file system tasks, reporting database connections, message queue settings, threads, SMTP settings, the FileStore, IIS setup, performance monitoring, and Aeries security.

  • 1. Planning & Preparation
  • 2. Installing the Admin Portal
  • 3. Installing the Teacher, Parent, & Student Portals

As always, you can find these videos on our Training/Support Videos page.

Also, keep an eye out for training videos embedded directly on the applicable page within the Aeries Online Help. This is part of the dedicated effort to make all Aeries resources available as readily as possible.