To Sync or Not to Sync

Worried about matching changes for your pre-enrolled students? Aeries will do it for you!

Aeries has a new procedure in place to synchronize changes to student data throughout your district. Whenever data is changed for a student in your school, those changes are automatically pushed to the pre-enrolled copy of that student at another school! This includes fields in the Students (STU), Supplemental (SUP), and Secondary Student Data (SSD) tables, and each field can be selected to sync or not to sync (that is the question).

This procedure was developed so that the “Update Student Data” process is no longer needed! As long as all allowable tables are set to be ID-based, the essential fields are set to sync, and all matriculating students are pre-enrolled. The process also includes a method with which to lock fields in a pre-enrolled copy of a student. This will keep users at the pre-enrolled school from changing key information such as address or phone numbers. As with the sync process, these fields can be selected to be locked or not. The configuration is completely up to the district to decide. It is run from AdminCS and the form is called “Define Fields to Sync/Lock”. If you really want, you can even deselect ALL of the fields, and Aeries will let you do all the work just like the old times...

A new document has been posted on the website that details the Student Synchronization process in Aeries: Student_Sync.pdf. This document will provide information on Student Synchronization. Changes to Student data (STU), Supplemental (SUP) and Secondary Student Data (SSD) will be automatically synchronized between active records. There are various settings available through the Define Fields to Sync/Lock in AdminCS and LOC Rules set in the Schools form in the District database.