Upcoming Features in Aeries – Our Development Roadmap in 2017

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One of the wonderful aspects of the Aeries Student Information System is that it continues to grow with exciting new features week after week and year after year as schools continue to face new challenges that require creative solutions.  The following are projects we are planning for development and release throughout the remainder of 2017.

Summer School Course Request Management

Check out our recent "2017 Summer School" Blog for all the details:

Aeries App for Students, Parents and Teachers

We have heard the calls from our community that Aeries needs an App.  In response, we have begun working on an app for Students, Parents and Teachers that will provide features specifically targeting these types of users.  Watch for the new "Aeries App" over the summer for Students and Parents with teacher features coming in the 17-18 school year.

A New Look to Aeries

We're going to the barbershop to get the newest, freshest hairstyle. Aeries is getting an all-new look with fresh colors, a revamped navigation system, and redesigned screens to make Aeries easier to use and information quicker to gather and evaluate.  We are focusing on making Aeries easier to use on touch-screens and tablets and making student information easier to read and find.  Of course, we are adding some extra features like quick-switching between school years and a new student search screen for reverse lookup features.  This new look will roll out as an optional update to Aeries late in the 16-17 school year.  For 1 month after its release, the update containing the existing look in Aeries will also be available.  After that, the system will switch over to the new look.  Having both versions available for districts to implement will allow Aeries administrators to setup a "Sandbox" environment for their staff to get acquainted with the new look to Aeries.  The new version will also be available on the public Aeries demo site (  The Student/Parent Portal will also be updated to use the new look at the same time.

Aeries Client Features Moving to Aeries Web

A massive push to complete the migration of all pertinent features from the Aeries Client to the Aeries Web Environment will be undertaken in 2017.  This includes many features that are less frequently used or only used by system administrators like extracts, imports, and system configuration screens.

Records Transfer

Earlier this year, early adopter districts began transferring students electronically between their districts.  This new feature includes Transcripts and Test Scores with many additional data sets to come.  We are currently accepting requests from districts to join the Aeries Records Transfer Network (ART Net) with the hopes that all Aeries districts (that's nearly half of California) will join by the end of the 2017 calendar year.

3rd Party Systems Integrations

Aeries has long been applauded at being an open system that is easy for 3rd party systems to interface with.  We are expanding on this concept with the development of a new API based on the IMS Global One Roster 1.1 Standard.  The Aeries API is already a very powerful way to pull data out of Aeries, but once the One Roster 1.1 API is built into Aeries, ANY solution focusing on this new national standard can tap into the Aeries Ecosystem.  Already on board are LMS Industry Leaders: Canvas from Instructure and Schoology.

Aeries Analytics

Earlier this year Graduation Status On Track Analysis was integrated into Aeries Analytics.  New for the 17-18 school year will be UC/CSU On Track Analysis.

Academic Plans

Aeries has long had the ability to record and track Individualized Academic Plans but they were not the easiest to enter and manage.  2017 brings us a newly redesigned Academic Plan system that not only makes building plans easiest, but also integrates Graduation and College Entrance predictions.  Students and Parents will also (optionally) be able to adjust a student's academic plan.  And one of the biggest feature enhancements to this area will be the integration with changes to a student's Class Schedule.

Emailing Attendance Letters

With so many parents with email addresses registered with Aeries it was only natural that certain letter routines began supporting being sent via email instead of by paper.  The first area to support this technique will be a new Attendance Letters system will count absences and tardies across multiple schools and will automatically determine which students will have a paper letter generated and which will be delivered via email.  This should help save every district time and money.  Look for this new feature Spring 2017.

Database Structure

For the 17-18 school year, we are mandating that all student-related tables that have optionally been based on School Code and Student Number will be required to be based on a Student Permanent ID.

Scheduling and Class Schedule Changes

Over the last year we have reached out to groups of counselors and scheduling professionals from many districts to identify areas of improvement for Aeries.  We are working on revamping how student schedules are changed, reducing the number of clicks significantly.  We are also working on new scheduling features for Teacher, Period, and Other Student Exclusions when scheduling students into classes.  Also coming are quick class schedule data entry routines for new and returning students.

Online Fee/Tuition Payments and Education Crowdfunding

Aeries has partnered with industry leader, Edbacker, to create a unified platform for online fee and tuition payments and crowd funding campaigns in your schools.  Not only will tuition and fees be launched as personal crowd-funding campaigns for students, but Aeries will provide a channel for schools and teachers to safely and efficiently advertise to parents about the fund-raising campaigns pertinent to their children (all with effective administrative oversite).

Many Other Important Projects:
  • -Query Change Form
  • -More Aeries Communications Features
  • -Enhanced Online Help
  • -District Assets Enhancements
  • -Parent Data Confirmation Enhancements
  • -New Report Card based on the Grades History table for Summer School
  • -Aeries Online Enrollment re-skin to support adding new students from a phone
  • -Supplemental Attendance integration with Regular Attendance for mid-day flex periods
  • -Gradebook Enhancements
  • -"Report Tags " (like Aeries Client Query Tags)
  • -Electronic Transcripts to Community Colleges, CSUs, and UCs