Updated Aeries Roadmap For Future Development

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Eagle Software’s commitment to continual improvement and added value to its customers has driven its success in releasing several significant features since the start of the 2013-14 school year. These include:

  • -          Secondary Standards-Based Grades support
  • -          The Custom Report Builder
  • - Teacher Portal attendance enrichments
  • -          Enhanced Intervention and Response To Intervention management
  • -          Numerous adjustments corresponding with CALPADS changes
  • -          Aeries AIR Online Enrollment multilingual support
  • -          Code Table enhancements
  • -          The Aeries API for Third Party System integration
  • -          Parent Data Confirmation user interface redesign
  • -          Attendance History support
  • -          The ability to merge duplicate student information
  • -          The Teacher Gradebook rewritten into HTML-5 to become fully tablet friendly
  • -          Numerous teacher gradebook improvements and additions
  • -          The ability to load CAASPP test results
  • -          Partnership with the California Attorney General’s Office to produce an updated truancy report

With a near unlimited number of potential development directions Eagle Software could turn to, a great deal of time must be spent deliberating requests and prioritizing development time. Some major projects that are currently being considered and planned include:

  • -          Google Apps For Education (GAFE) integration
  • -          API Enhancements
  • -          Gradebook Terms
  • - Query enhancements
  • -          District Asset, Resource, and Textbook Management
  • -          Standard Based Grades Report Card enhancements
  • -          Records Transfer between Aeries districts
  • -          Custom Report Builder enrichments
  • -          UC/CSU Requirements and Validation Logic modifications
  • -          Orange County Department of Education Foster Youth System
  • -          A completely mobile-friendly redesign of the whole system focused on data dashboards

Maintaining legacy products can be tricky when attempting to take advantage of the newest leading-edge technologies, but Eagle Software has been committed to supporting all customers and will continue to be transparent on its plans moving forward.

If you are interested in hearing more about new features and how they will take shape in Aeries, Eagle Software is hosting several free workshops that you can sign up for by visiting our Events page at If your district or County Office of Education is interested in hosting one of these workshops, please contact

Please check back at our website periodically as we post updates to our future development timeline.