Using Aeries Analytics™ to improve Graduation Rates

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A new Graduation Requirements Item Definition feature was recently added in Aeries Analytics™.

Education code specifies that students must pass a minimum set of required courses specified by both state regulations and local school boards to graduate from high school. Some students are not graduating and having to take summer courses when its determined that they have not passed all of the required subject-area courses. Using Aeries Analytics ‘Graduation Requirement’ Item Definitions and Dashboard Items help determine which students are in threat of not having all of the required courses as they matriculate through high school. Early Warning Points can also be assigned to place these students higher at-risk and populate the At-Risk Watch Lists. To make these analyses real-time, the ‘Graduation Requirement’ indicator calculates subject area credits completed and credits in progress, similar to what displays on the Graduation Status page and Transcripts.

Below are some screenshots on how to create the Graduation Requirements Item Definitions

  1. Analytics Item Definition Setup. Select ‘Graduation Requirements’ in the Type pull-down then select the desired course Subject Area. 

  2. A new Label Layout can be added to reflect the different levels and descriptions.

  3. Thresholds can be adjusted by school and/or grade to evaluate students required course requirements as they matriculate through high school.

  4. Appropriate Student Sub Groups can be assigned.

  5. Create Dashboard Items and chart with some filters in place to develop the actionable dashboards needed to identify student at-risk of not graduating.

Mike Vincelli, Director of IT, from Shasta Union High School is using these analyses to provide early detection of students not on a pathway to graduation. Mike stated:

"The Reach Higher Shasta organization wanted to help schools improve A-G rates, mandatory course subject areas and dropout rates in Shasta County schools. With the new Aeries Analytics, it’s now possible for counselors and staff to see if kids are on track to graduate and attend college.  This is a game changer for counseling and college readiness information."

Refer to the Aeries Analytics documentation for more about this new Analytics Indicator, click on the link below: