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  • 05/02/2018

    Summer 2018 Will Bring Big Changes to the Aeries Client

    Times are changing and over the last few years, the focus of all major development for Aeries has been on the Aeries Web Environment. As a result, the Aeries Client has only received minor …

  • 10/20/2017

    Query Change is a Changin'

    Tags: Query Change

    Please join us in welcoming the new and improved Query Change Form in Aeries Web Version. It is powerful, it is useful, and yes, it is fully adapted to the web. Let us introduce this screen which you …

  • 09/21/2017

    Report Tags for Query Use

    Tags: Query tag, report tag, report tagging

    Let’s play a game of Tag!

    There is nothing quite like a report. All the bits and pieces of data; all the raw facts, figures, numbers, grades turn into meaningful, organized, clear information …

  • 08/11/2017

    Student Classes page gets a new look

    Update: After being temporarily removed in the 8/18 version due to some issues found after its initial release, the new "Classes" page has been re-released in the 9/1 version of Aeries SIS.

    The …

  • 07/27/2017

    A commitment to better customer support

    A new school-year is fast approaching!  Like many of the administrators we work closest to, the summer was actually quite busy for us at Aeries Software. While a new user interface and other …

  • 07/14/2017

    Supplemental attendance improvements

    You may be familiar with the scenario: what do you do if you need to take positive attendance in a negative attendance environment, and be able to submit multiple check-ins and check-outs? With …

  • 06/06/2017

    Beta test the new Aeries user interface!

    Aeries has always been a user-oriented platform, dating back to our early inception prior to the advent of the Internet. Our focus on customers is a philosphy we've held throughout our more than 20 …

  • 03/23/2017

    Data Event Triggers

    Tags: Data Event Triggers

    Here at Aeries, we always put an emphasis on empowering our districts, especially when it comes to making day-to-day business as simple and effective as possible.  One of the major hurdles many …

  • 12/09/2016

    2017 Spring Users' Conference

    Tags: Users' Conference

    Registration for the 2017 Spring Users' Conference is now open!

    All information regarding the conference can be found at our conference page at, including pricing …

  • 11/02/2016

    Report Card History

    Tags: Report Card History

    Aeries is excited to announce the release of Report Card History. This new feature in Aeries allows for storing the individual report cards for every student for every grading period.  The …

  • 10/18/2016

    District Resources & Assets

    Tags: Resources, Assets, Textbook

    District Resources and Assets is a powerful new tool in the Aeries Web Version. Designed originally to replace the old Textbook Inventory System in the Aeries Client Version, the New District …

  • 08/12/2016

    Aeries Teacher Portal Enhancements

    Tags: Teacher Portal, Gradebook

    Throughout California, schools are gearing up for the 2016-17 school year, bringing with it all of the excitement, promise, and liveliness that goes along with millions of students returning from …