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Eagle Software’s 2015 Fall / Winter Calendar:

  • Veterans Day – Wednesday, November 11, 2015
  • Thanksgiving – Thursday/Friday, November 26/27, 2015 

The following is the Eagle Software winter holidays calendar:








Dec. 21 – 25






Dec. 28, 2015

Jan. 1, 2016







Our office will resume normal business hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, January 4, 2016.



Fall 2015 Users' Conference:

We look forward to seeing everyone who will be attending the Fall 2015 Users’ Conference in Sacramento this October.  Click on this link Online Conference Registration to visit the Online Conference Registration page.

There is still time to register at the regular conference rate!    Late registration fee WILL apply after September 18, 2015.  Cancellations, transfers of registrations, and refunds will not be accepted or given after September 28, 2015.   Confirmation will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form prior to the conference.  Registration is not complete until you have received a confirmation!  If you have not received confirmation by September 25, 2015, please verify first with your district that the registration was sent before contacting Connie Castillo at (888) 487-7555.

There will be a Mixer event on Monday night, featuring appetizers, a no host bar, and a Casino Night with standard casino games and raffle prizes.

All attendees will receive a free T-shirt. Customers who opt to go green over paper documentation will receive a flash drive with all of the documentation.  Also, free Wi-Fi will be provided to allow tablets, phones, and similar devices the ability to access the documentation via the Fall Conference Portal




Workshops To Be Released Soon:

The schedule of upcoming regional workshops will be updated in the next few weeks, and is always available on our website at Aeries Regional Workshops including online registration information.




Recent Blogs:

For timely information on newly released features and important reminders, please visit our website blogs.



Eagle Support Welcomes You Back to the 2015 School Year!

As always the Eagle Support Team is here to help. However, with August – October being our busiest time of year in Support here are some tips to help our schools avoid pitfalls by monitoring data now in the beginning of the school year.

  • Utilize the No-Show setup form to help you properly handle your No-Show students.
  • Run your Course Attendance (CAR) and Attendance (ATT) Audit Reports often in the first few weeks of school.  We suggest that they are run daily at the beginning of the school year, then at least weekly.  The reports should be clear of any errors.
  • Do not make major changes to your School Calendar without consulting Support first.
  • Initialize the Grades (GRD) and Standards Based Grades (SBG) before each grading Period/Mark.
  • Once Standards Based Grades (SBG) have been initialized, there cannot be any changes made to the report card layout or SBG Standards setup.
  • Clear Attendance Letter counts.



Emailing Aeries Support:

When emailing Support@aeries.com, please always include your Name, District and Phone # w/extension.  By doing so, your email will be distributed to the next available representative.  If you are sending an email directly to an Aeries Support Representative, it is imperative that Support@aeries.com  is also copied in order to properly track and ensure customer requests are being handled.





CALPADS Information:

With the start of the new school year it is important to perform various functions to ensure successful CALPADS reporting.  A document is available on the website that details the functions and processes that need to be completed on a regular bases for successful CALPADS reporting.  Please refer to the CALPADS_Annual_Maintenance_Guidelines.pdf document.  We will be adjusting our system and extracts to support the changes required for the 2015-2016 school year.  Updates may come out more frequently during this adjustment period so please ensure that the latest revision is being used before creating extracts to submit to CALPADS.

Information day (formerly CBEDS day) is October 7, 2015.  Nothing needs to be run in Aeries on Information day, however it is suggested that you verify that the reports, Attendance Audit Listing and Course Attendance Audit Listing, are clear of any errors.

The school and district Student Counts (CBEDS) reports can be run at any time in Aeries. The reports and CALPADS extracts pull data from Enrollment History (ENR) and Course Enrollment History (CAR). 

  • Print Student Counts by Grade and Race/Ethnicity (CBEDS)
  • Print Student Counts By Grade and Subgroup (CBEDS)
  • Print Student Counts of Graduates and Dropout

Conference Information:  At the Fall Users’ Conference in Sacramento, an additional CALPADS session will be offered - #710 CALPADS In Aeries Advanced.  Please refer to the link below for more information:  Conference Registration

We also recommend districts join the Aeries_TalkListserv.  The Aeries Talk Listserv is not run by Eagle Software.  It is moderated by Aeries users and should not be viewed as a mechanism for contacting Eagle Software for Aeries Support.  We suggest that districts check our website often for new or updated documentation

CALPADS Projects:

The following are projects we are working on for the 2015/2016 school year:

Free and Reduced Reporting (NSLP) - an important change will be made to the CALPADS SPRG extract as it pertains to the FRE (NSLP/Free and Reduced Meals) table.  Aeries will be changing our policy on allowing FRE records to not have any Eligibility Start and End Dates.  Moving forward and starting with this year's Fall submissions, FRE records without any Eligibility Dates will not be extracted.  Also, any records with a start date before the current school year (7/1/2015) will not be extracted.  FRE records are to be refreshed annually.  This will help explicitly identify the students eligible in the current school year and report the information accurately to CALPADS.  Also, please remember that as student’s transition between statuses in the current school year (Free, Reduced, Paid), close out old FRE records and add new ones to express the new status.  Do not overwrite existing records.  The FRE table is designed to be a history of the NSLP status of the student and maintaining a history for at least the current school year is critically important to being able to report this information to CALPADS accurately.
Direct Certification Import – the Direct Certification Import will be adjusted to populate the new FRE source field with the status codes from the Direct Cert file.
SENR Extract - will be adjusted to include students who have Summer Withdrawal dates and codes populated. 
SPRG Extract -  the SPRG extract will be adjusted to auto extract a record for code 185 – Transitional Kindergarten, for TK students with enrollment data (ENR.GR = -1) for the current year.  The SPRG extract will also be adjusted to look at new 504 table (FOF) for code 101 - 504 program in addition to the PGM records for code 101 – 504 program.
Fall 2 Extracts - will be adjusted to pull the new SEC course field for schools using the Alternative Education Scheduling option. 



Teacher Resource Center:

In an effort to assist teachers with quick and easy access to critical information, we have developed a dedicated site with teacher documentation, Common Task Videos, Tips and Tricks, a Teacher Portal Roadmap and What’s New with Aeries.  Teachers will also soon have access to this resource on their home page in the Aeries portal. Check it out today at http://teachers.aeries.com/

Found in the Aeries Teacher Resource Center is a new community forum just for teachers called Aeries Community.  This collaboration tool will allow teachers to help each other find what they need in Aeries.  To visit the Teacher Community directly, visit http://aeries.answerbase.com/

Also in the Aeries Teacher Resource Center is the Aeries Gradebook UserVoice – a place to submit your great ideas and to vote for feature enhancements for the Aeries Teacher Gradebook. You can also keep track of the status of all pending features and hear feedback directly from the Aeries development team. To visit the Aeries Gradebook UserVoice site directly, visit http://aeries.uservoice.com/




LCAP - Free Analytics Dashboards:

Putting together a comprehensive Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a difficult task for districts.  So many factors have to be taken into account.  In the past powerful tools have not been available to analyze the information needed.  That is why Aeries has just released Free Analytics Dashboards, specifically designed around the needs of building an LCAP.

Aeries Analytics and the new LCAP Dashboards provide rich data analysis features on everything from grades and attendance to test scores and UC/CSU Eligibility Rates, and breaks each data set down by core subgroups.  Our hope is that this information will help drive informed LCAP decisions and help focus resources on the students who need it most.

These new dashboards are especially powerful when you consider that any employee of the district with an Aeries.net account can access these dynamic dashboards and apply their own custom filters and analytics.  This early engagement from stakeholders can help drive a more diverse LCAP.

The Aeries LCAP Dashboards work on the well-established Aeries Analytics engine.  This proven platform can analyze any student data element in the system and cross-compare that data with any other data set.  This power allows not just the identification of current at-risk students but also helps compare student outcomes based on different intervention programs.

Initializing the LCAP Dashboards will provide districts with 25+ dashboards, 50+ charts, and over 100 indicators with standardized subgroups providing cross-sectional analysis with more than 10 subgroups including race and ethnicity and various programs and services provided by the district.

Note: The free LCAP Analytics Dashboards can only be viewed in Aeries.net and the pre-configured dashboards cannot be edited without a full license of Aeries Analytics.

Full documentation is available online on our Aeries Downloadable Documents page in the Aeries.net User Docs section or by clicking the link below:

LCAP Dashboards 




Eagle Software is proud to present full compatibility for both Transitional Kindergarten and Preschool grade levels!  We are also providing the ability to define your grades above 13.  The student grade level will continue to store a numeric value, but all data entry and views will display the translated value.  For example, Transitional Kindergarten is stored as -1 in the student field (STU.GR), but will display as "TK" on all pages and reports in Aeries.  We released a setup form – Define Student Grade Levels in both Aeries.net and AeriesCS:

The setup form will allow you to define the descriptions of each of your grade levels. For example, the high school levels above are defined as "Freshman" through "Senior" instead of simply "9th Grade" through "12th Grade".  The Code, which displays in place of the grade's Actual Value, can be modified for Preschool (i.e. "PS" or "PK") and for grades above 13.  There is also the ability for each school to define whether the grades above 13 can be used.  In the above image, the Elementary School has selected not to use "Ungraded Secondary" (15), or "Adult Education" (18).  The code value (i.e. “TK”) will display on any page that includes a grade level.  Data entry will use dropdown lists, based on the Define Student Grade Levels configuration, instead of free text.




Standards Based Grades:

We are pleased to announce major renovations to our Standards Based Report Cards!  Several enhancements have been added that greatly enhance the look of the Standards Based Report Cards.

Below are some of the enhancements:

  • Ability to add multiple user defined mark types and add up to four in the “Explanation of Marks” section of the report card
  • Options to shade and edit the number of lines of any standard on the report card
  • The Standard ID will now display in the Print Preview of the report card
  • Option to hide empty gridlines to create more defined sections of the report card

A document detailing the changes is available at the following link:






The CAASPP Test Results (STAR) has been updated to process the Local Educational Agency CAASPP 2015 data file according to the August 27, 2015 layout. With this version, test results such as Raw Score, Scale Score, Performance/Achievement level, School, Test Date, Test Administration, and ELA and Math Claims Performance Levels will be loaded into the Testing Data (TST) and Content Standards (CST) tables. The Early Assessment Program (EAP) Authorization to Release for English and Math records will also be added to the Authorizations (AUT) table.  The update to add the Accommodations and Modifications for the Test Exclusion (TEX) table will be available soon.

While testing the 2015 CAASPP Results import we have come across anomalies in the data files. In some data files special characters in the Student Name fields compromised the remainder of the records imported into Aeries. The anomaly is not evident while viewing the file in Notepad, but can be seen with other Text Editors. We have implemented a work-around whereby we will only Load the records up to the last good record.

Please refer to the Load_CAASPP_File.pdf for more information on how to import the CAASPP data into Aeries.   Load_CAASPP_File.pdf

Once the CAASPP data has been added to Aeries, the Student Profile Screen will display the most recent test scores for Smarter Balanced ELA and Math (SBAC) and for the Science tests (CST) for grades 5, 8 and 10.




New ASP Customers:

School districts have found that moving their local Aeries environment to our Aeries ASP hosted solution has saved them precious resources. Contact sales@aeries.com for an Aeries Local vs. Hosted ROI Analysis Report to see if going hosted is the right move for your district. The following districts have made the switch this year.

  • Achieve Charter School
  • Albany USD
  • Alview-Dairyland UESD-ASP Hosting
  • Atascadero USD
  • Bellarmine- Jefferson CHS
  • Carpinteria USD
  • Clay Joint ESD
  • Elverta JESD
  • Empire Union SD
  • Fort Bragg USD
  • Franklin ESD
  • Fusion Charter School, Turlock
  • Hillside School & Learning Center
  • Kern COE
  • Kingsburg JUHSD
  • Lake COE
  • Lone Pine USD
  • Montecito UESD
  • Moreland School District
  • Mountain View-Los Altos UHSD
  • Pacoima Charter ES
  • PAL Academy Charter School
  • Plumas Lake ESD
  • Rim of the World USD
  • Roseville Joint Unified School District
  • Soledad Unified School District
  • Solvang Elementary School District



What To Expect - Aeries Road Map:

We are excited with all the advancements made to Aeries this last year and are even more excited about upcoming changes we have in the works.  Here is a quick list of changes to look out for in the coming months.

New Look to Aeries: We are designing the Aeries.net environment to make the navigation more adaptive to different screen sizes and more expandable to include new features.

Records Transfer: K12-K12 Student Records Transfer is being developed to exchange student information electronically between Aeries districts when students transfer.

Dashboards: Besides enhancements to the current Discipline and LCAP Dashboards, we are working on new dashboards for Attendance, Interventions, and student-specific dashboards.

Google Classroom: Google has finally released an API for Google Classroom (currently in beta) and we are working to interface with it.  This should make the creation and maintenance of Google Classrooms easier for teachers.

CASEMIS Import: With this new feature you will be able to configure Aeries to process standard CASEMIS files nightly and import the information into your Aeries system.  It can even pull the files down from an FTP server.

Secondary Mastery-Based Grading: An entire engine to drive what is commonly referred to as "Master-Based Grading" is in the works.  This will allow secondary teachers to use standards-based, rubric/performance grading and have an overall grade calculated for the class based on the student's mastery of standards.

Career Pathways: We have been working with ROPs, Counties, and other consortia to identify a new set of features for tracking, managing, and reporting Career Pathway information (AKA CTE/ROP).

More State Standards: NGSS, ELD and Spanish Common Core are all coming to Aeries.

Aeries.net Custom Reports: The Custom Report Builder in Aeries.net is getting an overhaul.  The changes will be highlighted at the upcoming Sacramento Aeries Users' Conference.

Load Grades from Gradebook: Soon, office staff will be able to use the Load from Gradebook feature when using the Grades by Teacher page in Aeries.net.  This will help office staff assist teachers who need some extra assistance.

Standards Based Setup in Aeries.net: A new WYSIWG editor is in the works to make designing and building standards based report cards easy and straight forward.





New & Returning Aeries Customers:

We are happy to welcome our new and returning Aeries customers:

District/School Name

Prior SIS

Anaheim Discovery Christian

No Prior SIS

Fusion Charter

Power School

Kid Street Charter

No Prior SIS

Maple Elementary SD


Montgomery Elementary SD


San Rafael City (Welcome back!)

Infinite Campus

Tri-Cities ROP







Expanded Library of Aeries Training Videos:

Our video library continues to grow.  There are several new video series available, including:

Scheduling Groups and Teams - provides information involving setting up and flagging students that need to be grouped together in particular courses when the scheduling process is performed.

ABI to Aeries.net Transitional Assistance - covers many of the common areas that teachers have trouble adjusting to when initially making the transition, including student data lookup. Also covers the admin role in migrating teacher portal accounts from ABI to Aeries.net.

Backup, Backup, Backup - covers the all-important topic of backing up your Aeries data - unless you decide to have Eagle Software handle it for you by going to Aeries ASP.

Gradebook Common Tasks – provides troubleshooting and quick answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions regarding how to use the Aeries gradebook.

As always, you can find these videos on our Training/Support Videos page.



Visit The Eagle Software Team at Upcoming Conferences:

Eagle Software invites you to visit some of the Aeries Sales and Support team at the following Fall/Winter 2015 conferences:

  • Fall CUE, October 23rd – 24th, Napa Valley
  • CETPA, December 1st – 4th, San Diego
  • CERA, December 2nd – 4th, Anaheim
  • CSBA, December 3rd – 5th, San Diego
  • CSDC, November 16th – 17th, San Francisco




Staff Changes:

Changes in Roles / Titles:
David Ingram – David is changing roles from Multimedia Designer to our newly created Creative Director.  David has been increasing his involvement in marketing throughout 2015 as he attends classes in marketing and branding, but will now be predominantly immersed in the marketing and branding of Aeries in conjunction with the sales team.

Upcoming Retirements:
Sharon McGee – After 17 years of service Sharon has decided to retire this November.   Although she will be missed immensely, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Chuck Berridge – Chuck is planning retirement for early May 2016.

Joining The Eagle Software Team:
Elena Lohr – From 1995 to 2015, Elena worked in various positions with Covina Valley Unified School District, this school experience will help her as a 1st Level Support Representative.  Elena joined Aeries Support in July.

Heidi Hayes – In August Heidi joined the Aeries Team as a 1st Level Support Representative.  Heidi Joins the Support Team from Roseville Unified School District where she was the Application Support Specialist, Database Manager and Trainer.   She also has been a Presenter of various courses at Aeries User Conferences for many years.

Mina Sardari - Mina joined the Aeries development team as a programmer in August.  Mina has over 8 years of experience designing and developing software.  She is new to the school software industry but brings a rich and diverse background that will add to the creative pool in the Aeries Development Team.

Jonathan Cotton – Jon started with Eagle Software on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 as an Executive Assistant.  Jon has been selected to assume Chuck’s responsibilities as Implementation Manager as Chuck prepares to retire.  His extensive legal background as a Paralegal will be valuable as he assists Brent with customer contracts.  Jon is working toward his Project Management Certificate from Project Management Institute.  Most recently, Jon worked in the Entertainment industry, where he was solely responsible for implementation of protection schemes for all Sony Pictures’ feature and television content.

Adam Remolacio – Adam will be taking over many of David’s job duties as a new Multimedia Designer beginning Monday, September 8th, 2015.  Adam has a diverse background in computer and network troubleshooting with over a decade of experience in the retail technical support sector, as well as having a strong background in media/video production, editing, and design.  Many of his hobbies relate to media as well and include photography, astrophotography, underwater photography, SCUBA, file production, cooking and reading. 





Our Customers Respond to the Attorney General’s Call for Data Extracts:

Eagle Software was excited to again partner with the CA Attorney General's "In School-On Track" report.  When the request went out to our customers for voluntary, anonymous attendance information, over 90 districts responded.  This rich set of attendance data will help guide policy decisions in Sacramento and help highlight the link between chronic absenteeism in Elementary Schools, higher dropout rates, and lower levels of academic achievement.  In addition, this data will be used by Attendance Works, another partner of Eagle Software and the Attorney General to compare absenteeism and truancy rates in CA with other states.

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to those districts who participated.