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Eagle Software's 2015/2016 Winter Calendar:

The following is the Eagle Software winter holidays calendar:








Dec. 21 - 25






Dec. 28, 2015

Jan. 1, 2016







Our office will resume normal business hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, January 4, 2016.

2016 Upcoming Holidays:

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday - Monday, January 18, 2016
  • President's Day - Monday, February 15, 2016
  • Memorial Day - Monday, May 30, 2016
  • Independence Day - Monday, July 4, 2016



Spring 2016 Users’ Conference - Ontario, CA:

After hosting over 1,300 customers at our Fall Conference in Sacramento, we are optimistic we will break our attendance record again at the Spring Conference being held March 7-8, 2016 in Ontario, CA. Click on this link Online Conference Registration to visit the Online Conference Registration page, which is now open!

The deadline to sign up and submit payment at the Early Bird rate is January 29, 2016. Confirmation will be sent to the email address provided on the registration form once proof of payment has been received.  Registration is not complete until you have received a confirmation!

Don't miss our annual Mixer event on Monday evening, featuring appetizers, a no-host bar, and Casino Night with standard casino games and raffle prizes.

Customers who opt to go green instead of receiving paper documentation will get a flash drive with all documentation.  Free Wi-Fi will be provided to allow tablets, phones, and similar devices the ability to access the documentation via the Spring Conference Portal.




Register for Workshops Online:

The current schedule of Aeries workshops is available on our website at Aeries Workshops & Events. Student Scheduling regional workshops are offered throughout California January - March 2016. There are also several free Aeries Maximizing workshops that are being planned for 2016 throughout the state. As the school year winds down in April and May, keep an eye out for the CALPADS EOY and Client Server Administration - New Year Cycle workshops.




Recent Blogs:

In order to stay up-to-date on all of the most important Aeries information, be sure to regularly check out our blogs posted on our website, or even subscribe to the RSS feed. In case you missed them, here are our most recent articles:




Emailing Aeries Support:

When emailing Support@aeries.com, please always include your Name, District and Phone # w/extension.  By doing so, your email will be distributed to the next available representative.

If you are sending an email directly to an Aeries Support Representative, it is imperative that Support@aeries.com is also copied in order to properly track and ensure customer requests are being handled.





CALPADS Information:

As Aeries continues to support districts with CALPADS reporting, a new document has been posted on the website that will assist with CALPADS Fall 2 reporting.  The document will provide information on the files required (SDEM SASS, CRSE and SCSE) and is available at the following link: CALPADS Fall 2 Reporting.pdf

Another enhancement we are working on is the ability to import the CALPADS Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) reports into Aeries.  The 1.17 Student Detail and 1.18 Summary information will be compared to the data in Aeries.  A page will be available in the Aeries Web Version that will allow sorting and filtering by the various programs.

We also recommend districts join Aeries_Talk Listserv.  The Aeries_Talk Listserv is not run by Eagle Software.  It is moderated by Aeries users and should not be viewed as a mechanism for contacting Eagle Software for Aeries Support.

We suggest that districts check our website often for new or updated documentation.


Teacher Resource Center:

There has been great response to our new Aeries Teacher Resource Center over the last quarter, and we are excited to be updating this resource in January.  

This update will include fresh and efficient navigation, attendance documentation, FAQ video's for Gradebook and Attendance, new articles on using Aeries for Secondary Mastery Based Grading, our revised roadmap and updated content for teachers in our "What's New?" section.  We continue this enthusiasm by announcing the UsersVoice suggestions that made it into our programming for the next school year, and are hopeful the trend continues in 2016.




Custom Report Builder 2.0:

As of the December update the Custom Report Builder in the Aeries Web Version has been redesigned. 

The Custom Report Admin can create Pre-Configured Report items, as well as building and customizing a report based on your specific needs. Other great features are reports can be shared with other security groups, and teachers now have the ability to create their own reports on the fly!

A short tutorial on our Aeries Teacher resource Center will be provided for specific instructions on what to do with existing reports and how to generate new ones. With all these options and enhancements, collecting data out of Aeries is now easier than ever.




Aeries DBA:

Microsoft's extended support of SQL 2005 ends in April 2016. If you are still running SQL Server 2005 you will no longer receive security updates after April 12, 2016. For this reason Aeries Software will also terminate Support of SQL 2005 at that time. If you need assistance with migrating your SQL Server running SQL 2005 to a new server or a version of SQL, Aeries Second Level offers an After Hours Service to help with these tasks. If you do not have someone to manage your SQL Server or database, have you considered moving to the Aeries Software Hosted Solution?

Aeries Database Administrators, do you know all the tasks you should be performing on a weekly or monthly basis? Aeries audits? SQL Maintenance? BACKUPS? If you do not have experience with these tasks, Aeries will be offering WebEx workshops in the near future that will cover these necessary tasks that will help keep your Aeries up to date and your data safe. Please check the Aeries.com events page often for upcoming workshops and events.




Aeries Hosting Services:

School districts are becoming more aware of how Aeries Hosted Environment saves precious time and resources.  We now host over 200 school districts!  Contact sales@aeries.com for an Aeries Local vs. Hosted ROI Analysis Report to see if Aeries Hosted Environment is the right fit for your district.

Recently added Aeries Districts to hosted environment:

  • Ballico-Cressey ESD
  • Bonsall USD
  • Burbank USD
  • Golden Plains USD
  • Gorman SD
  • Hope ESD
  • Morgan Hill USD
  • Pacific UESD
  • San Rafael City Schools
  • Stony Creek JUSD



Standards Based Grades Best Practices:

Items to do and not do as you move into the second trimester or marking period for SBG.

  • DO NOT - make changes to the Standard's Mark Types after creating the SBG
  • DO NOT - add or remove Standards from the layout after creating SBG

If you are still configuring your report cards for this year or next please keep these in mind.

  • DO - make sure your report card is complete and tested BEFORE the first marking period
  • DO - ensure that all of your standards are in a proper “tree”
  • DO - make sure that all of your Mark Types are correct to the Standard



CAASSP Interim Assessments:

We are beginning to work on the CAASPP Interim Assessment import and are looking for data files to test our update on.

According to the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Reporting System User Guide the IA student results are downloaded as a pair of files. The first file will be a large CSV file containing all of the assessment results and the second file will be a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) metadata file that includes all repetitive data common to the assessment results.

When you receive your data files if you wish to assist us in our testing process please contact us at support@aeries.com and we will provide information on where to send your database and a copy of both of the Interim Assessment Results files.




Schedule Aeries Training:

Start the year off right!

Do you have a new staff member or simply want to maximize Aeries Software knowledge for your current staff?

Start the year off right with training on Aeries Basic Overview, Master Scheduling Training, Attendance, or CALPADS!  From January to April, our trainers have increased availability and are always eager to help your district start the year off right.  During this period, mention this newsletter and receive $100 off your next training. (Limit 2 per customer & valid only if training occurs during January to April 2016.)    

Please contact Chuck Berridge or Jonathan Cotton for any scheduling needs at (888) 487-7555.   

Please also remember to visit the Workshops and Events section on our website for upcoming Webinars, Regional Workshops and Trainings. 




Visit The Eagle Software Team at Upcoming Conferences:

Eagle Software invites you to visit the Aeries Team at the following Spring 2016 conferences:

  • Aeries Spring 2016 Users' Conference, March 7th - 8th, Ontario
  • CUE, March 17th - 19th, Palm Springs (Aeries is offering specific sessions for teachers)
  • CASBO, April 13th - 16th, Pasadena