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Aeries Software's 2016 Calendar:

  • Memorial Day  Monday, May 30, 2016
  • Independence Day  Monday, July 4, 2016
  • Labor Day  Monday, September 5, 2016
  • Veterans Day  Friday, November 11, 2016
  • Thanksgiving  Thursday/Friday, November 24 & 25, 2016
  • Winter break  Friday, December 23 - Friday December 30, 2016


sacremento convention center

Fall 2016 Users' Conference:

The Fall 2016 Users’ Conference will be held October 10 & 11, 2016 at the Sacramento Convention Center. The registration information will be mailed the second week of May and posted to our website. Registration is handled exclusively online. Please visit Online Conference Registration for more information.

Once again there will be a Mixer event on Monday night, featuring appetizers and a no-host bar. The Mixer will include a Casino Night with standard casino games and raffle prizes.




Aeries Development Roadmap:
Summer is approaching and just as schools have been working for months in preparation for the new school year, we here at Aeries Software have been working hard to make sure great new features are available in Aeries for the new school year.  Here are some highlights of what is coming up:

Career Pathways
With the introduction of CCPT funding, College and Career Readiness has been injected with new life across the state.  To match these new programs and reporting requirements, Career Pathway management in Aeries is being revamped.  Aeries has been working with the top minds in the Career Pathway industry to build this next generation system.

App Development
Developers have been hired at Aeries to focus on a new set of Aeries apps for office staff, teachers, and students.  Be on the lookout for these apps this coming school year.

Records Transfer
At the last two Aeries Users' Conferences we highlighted the new development we've been working on to bring you inter-district records transfer of student records.  Early adopters will begin early next school year testing the new system and by the end of next school year, all Aeries districts will be invited to join the largest group of districts in the state exchanging student records!

API Enhancements
We continue to partner with the best systems and solutions in the education industry to bring you a fully integrated and seamless data sharing solution.  The Aeries API continues to be expanded at the request of our 3rd Party Solution Vendors.

Multi-Year Security Management
Aeries security is being streamlined to manage all users, groups and permissions from a single location.  No more worrying about creating or adjusting accounts in different school years.

Aeries Web Environment
The Web-Based version of Aeries (commonly known as "Aeries.net") is becoming the primary solution for schools and districts.  The 16-17 school year will bring critical functionality to this environment that is no longer available in the Aeries Client.  This includes the creation of CALPADS Extracts and the Loading of SBAC/CAASPP data.
-Visit http://maximize.aeries.com for more information.

Standards-Based Report Cards
We continue to expand on our industry-leading standards-based report cards with a new "Templates" feature that will let you create an unlimited number of report card layouts as you prepare for the next school year.  Many other great new grading features are also coming to this area.

Aeries Communication Package  Powered By Loop
We are proud to partner with the most forward-thinking communications solution on the market, Loop™. This partnership brings a new and unique communication offering that is fully integrated into Aeries. Please contact sales@aeries.com for more information.

Account Management in Apple, Google and Microsoft
Education Platforms are quickly becoming the most important part of a school's IT infrastructure. To make this process easier, Aeries has been working with Apple, Google and Microsoft to streamline student and staff account management. We already brought you Google Account and Google Classroom integration earlier this year. Our Office 365 integration is currently being beta tested and we are developing Active Directory and other Microsoft Azure integrations.
The biggest news in this area is our partnership with Apple to bring streamlined Student Apple ID creation of management to Aeries districts this summer. Early adopter districts will be the first in the world to automate student Apple ID account management from a student information system!




Recent Blogs:
In order to stay up-to-date on all of the most important Aeries information, be sure to regularly check out our blogs posted on our website, or even subscribe to the RSS feed. In case you missed them, here are our most recent articles:




SQL 2005 End of Life and SQL 2016 Testing:

Start the New School Year on a supported version of SQL Server.

As reported in our December 2015 newsletter, Microsoft and Aeries support of SQL Server 2005 ended (16-Apr-2016). If your district or school is still utilizing SQL 2005 on the server where your Aeries database resides, it is time to upgrade. Microsoft will no longer support SQL Server 2005 and no more security patches will be posted or issued.

Additionally, there are planned enhancements to Aeries that will not work on SQL 2005. We strongly recommend that districts upgrade to a more recent version of SQL as soon as possible and no later than July 2016.

If you have concerns about your district's ability to keep up to date with your server platforms, you might want to consider Aeries Hosting Services.

For additional information and questions, please see the SQL 2005 End of life blog on Aeries.com or contact Aeries Support.




Training Reminder & New Pricing:

Summer is right around the corner! With that in mind, please consider reserving any training well in advance as July and August are the busiest months of the year for our trainers. In fact, many of our August dates are already reserved! If you require training during the summer, please choose a date as soon as possible and send an email to Training@aeries.com. Please include the type of training you are requesting, the number of attendees, and your contact information. Please take into account that during this period, we may not be able to accommodate last minute requests or changes. For a description of the various courses offered please visit our Training page on our website, http://www.aeries.com/training.

Please also note: Effective July 1, 2016, all training scheduled thereafter will be priced as follows:

Full Day onsite training (7 Hours): $1,800*
½ Day onsite training (3½ Hours): $1,000
½ Day Webinar Training (3½ Hours): $750

*Note: For consecutive days of training, any subsequent day of training will be billed at $1,500. Training days must be consecutive to receive discount. All prices listed above include expenses.




Preparing to Close Out the School Year:

The key to a smooth rollover is proper preparation. Check out our new Rollover Prep Check-List to make sure you are ready:


We are also working on a new rollover process available through the Aeries Web environment that is significantly faster and more efficient than the process in AdminCS.  Early adopters can test their rollover this year!  Be on the lookout for further details in our revision notes and blogs.




CALPADS Information:

Upcoming Changes

Aeries continues to collaborate with CALPADS, including on changes to be announced soon. Aeries will be updated as CALPADS updates their official File Specifications. 

The following are the changes we are working on:

  • Calculation and collection of Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and Seal of Biliteracy for graduates.
  • An Attendance Summary File will be submitted during the 2016/2017 EOY submission
    Note:  It is recommended that districts analyze and verify their absence codes due to this new CALPADS file.
  • New Program Code: Students in Military Families

Documentation will also be updated to detail these changes.

End of Year Exits

All student enrollments must be exited in CALPADS every year.  Aeries will automatically populate the SENR file with the E155 (Year End Grade Level Exit) code for all active students.  The E155 exit code will be populated in the SENR file when you perform an Enrollment Update Extract within 14 days of the last day of school (based on your school calendar).  Don't worry about needing to populate all your EOY and Graduation information before extracting this information as subsequent Enrollment Update Extracts will send CALPADS the updated information.  That being said, remember that it is very important that all queries are run to code matriculating and graduating students correctly at the end of the school year and report this information to CALPADS.  And as usual, continue to submit enrollment updates after the end of your school year as any new exit codes added to Attendance, the End of Year Status or the Completion Status fields will be extracted in subsequent SENR extracts and will overlay any previously reported E155 code in CALPADS. 

Please refer to the following documents for more detailed information:







Legal vs. Preferred Student Names & Gender:

By now, all districts should be familiar with Assembly Bill 1266 which was enacted in 2013 to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity. This bill also required schools to respect the desired identity of transgender students on campus. For some districts, this became a challenge due to existing laws requiring the use of a student's legal name and gender, as is the case when printing official transcripts, assertive discipline reports, or when reporting to CALPADS. Districts can now remain compliant with all state and federal laws, while respecting a student's preferred name at the same time.

Aeries has modified existing name and gender fields on the student demographics page to reflect a student's preferred name and gender while maintaining the ability to use a student's legal name and gender where required by state and federal law.

For more information, please read our recent post on the subject:




Aeries Software Continues its Partnership with the California Attorney General's Office:

Aeries Software is proud to again partner with school districts to contribute to the CA Attorney General's "In School-On Track" report this coming summer. Once again, Aeries clients will be able to send voluntary, anonymous data to the Attorney General to consider in compiling its report over the summer.

Last year, over 90 districts responded to the call for data extracts.  This year, two new datasets that Aeries Software has added to the extract will give the Attorney General's Office access to longitudinal data and some achievement data. This rich set of attendance data will help guide policy decisions in Sacramento and help highlight the link between chronic absenteeism in Elementary Schools, higher dropout rates, and lower levels of academic achievement.

We would like to express our gratitude to those districts who participated last year, and encourage more districts to participate to this great cause this year as the current school year data is closed out.




Aeries Online Help:


In order to complement a robust product and excellent customer support department, Aeries Software is always looking to increase its resources available to our users. Aside from standard documentation and training videos on the website, the Online Help is available to our users from within Aeries Web and has seen over 30,000 hits per month.

A heavily-requested feature has been added to the Online Help: Field Mapping Guides for Aeries Web. These field map images are included with the documentation when using the question-mark "Help" icon in the upper-right corner of every page in Aeries. 

Check the Online Help Field Mapping guides for Aeries Web pages regularly as they are updated often.




Standards Based Report Card Templates:

With the upcoming release of our Standard Based Report Card Templates, schools will be able to create multiple report cards without impacting the current report cards that may be in production. 

  • The Standards Based Report Card Templates page will allow a user to create multiple new report cards in a "sandbox" area.
  • An existing report card setup can also be imported into the Standards Based Report Card Template page for modification.
  • A Print Preview will be available to check the progress of the report card while building. 
  • When the new report card template is complete, it can be pushed to the current setup. 
  • The new page will feature drag and drop ability to move standards onto and around the report card.
  • All of the options will be available including a new option to "Center" the standard. 
  • Standards can be added or editing from the page also. 

The new Standards Based Report Card Template page will greatly reduce the amount of time to create or modify your report cards.




LCAP Dashboard Enhancements:

Putting together a comprehensive Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a difficult task for districts. So many factors have to be taken into account. In the past powerful tools have not been available to analyze the information needed. That is why in August of this school year Aeries released Free Analytics Dashboards, specifically designed around the needs of building an LCAP.

Since its release Aeries Web customers have had access to rich data analysis features on everything from grades and attendance to test scores and UC/CSU Eligibility Rates, with breakdowns on each data set by core subgroups. Initializing the LCAP Dashboards provided districts with 25+ dashboards, 50+ charts, and over 100 indicators with standardized subgroups providing cross-sectional analysis with more than 10 subgroups including race and ethnicity and various programs and services provided by the district.

With feedback from stakeholders that utilized the LCAP Dashboards early on, the following enhancements to the LCAP Dashboards have been recently released:

  • Includes the new FOF table when analyzing the 504 Indicator
  • Modifies the ACT, PSAT and SAT indicators to include analysis of the new score layouts for 2015-16 results
  • Removes CAHSEE indicator
  • Adjusts the analysis of the EAP indicator to use the SBAC Performance Level for ELA or Math
  • Enhances the readability of the charts

The Aeries LCAP Dashboards work on the well-established Aeries Analytics engine. This proven platform can analyze any student data element in the system and cross-compare that data with any other data set. Aeries Analytics allows not just the identification of current at-risk students, but also helps compare student outcomes based on different intervention programs.

Full documentation is available online on our Aeries Downloadable Documents page in the Aeries Analytics section or by clicking the link below:

LCAP Dashboards




New and Returning Aeries Customers:

We are excited to welcome our new and returning Aeries customers:

 District/School Name Prior SIS
Bonsall Unified School District PowerSchool
Desert Trails Prep. & La Verne ES PowerSchool
Fusion Charter Schools PowerSchool
Gorman Join School District No Prior SIS
Hope Elementary School No Prior SIS
Maple School District Schoolwise
Mountain Valley USD PowerSchool
San Miguel Joint Union SD PowerSchool
San Rafael City Schools Infinite Campus
Scholarship Preparatory Charter No Prior SIS
Tuolumne County SOS PROMIS
Twin Hills USD Schoolwise





New Training Videos:
We've been busy here at Aeries SIS adding more videos to our growing library, and as such there are several new video series available, including:

High School Attendance  Outlines the procedures necessary to modify dropped student records, add notes, setup secondary seating charts, as well as other supplemental material.

Elementary School Attendance  Covers the methods on defining grades in TK and PS, as well as covering the procedures to modify dropped student records, add notes, setup secondary seating charts, and other supplemental material.

Student Groups  Provides basic information on the overview and methods of use, as well as instructions on how to create and add student groups.

Custom Report Builder  Gives an introduction to the custom report builder and also highlights other functionality such as printing existing custom reports, and report items.

Aeries Web Instllation  Details the steps involved with installing Aeries Web Version - unless you decide to have Aeries Software handle this for you with our hosting services.

As always, you can find these videos on our Training/Support Videos page.



Visit The Aeries Software Team at Upcoming Conferences:

Eagle Software invites you to visit some of the Aeries Sales and Support team at the following Fall/Winter 2016 conferences:

  • CETPA, November 8th - 11th, Sacramento
  • CERA, November 30th - December 4th, Sacramento
  • CSBA, December 1st - 3rd, San Francisco



Staff Changes:

Chuck Berridge After twenty-eight years within the education field, and eight of those in the Aeries nest as our Implementation Manager, we would like to wish Chuck the very best in his new journey.  

Kathy Cox – Kathy spent over 12 years with Aeries Software as a first-level support representative and, most recently, as a member of the Quality Control/Documentation team. We wish Kathy a joyful retirement filled with fun and happiness!

New Hires:
Kevin Praeger  Joined Aeries Software in February as a member of the Quality Control Department. Kevin brings an extensive background within SIS from his experience working at Bonita and Glendora Unified School Districts.

Javier Rosas  The latest addition to the Aeries Development team will be leading our efforts to bring more native Aeries functionality to iOS through a new "Aeries App."




Aeries New Feature Highlights

Please remember to check the following links for updated information: