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Aeries Software's Fall/Winter 2016 Calendar:

  • Veterans Day  Friday, November 11, 2016
  • Thanksgiving  Thursday/Friday, November 24 & 25, 2016
  • Winter break  Friday, December 23 - Monday, January 2, 2017

Our office will resume normal business hours from 7:30AM to 4:30PM on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.



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Fall 2016 Users' Conference:

We look forward to seeing everyone who will be attending the Fall 2016 Users’ Conference in Sacramento October 10 & 11, 2016 at the Sacramento Convention Center.

Once again, there will be a Mixer event on Monday night at the Sheraton Grand hotel located at 1230 J Street. Our Mixer Casino Night will feature appetizers, a no host bar, standard casino games, and raffle prizes.

All attendees will receive a free hat along with a bag filled with other giveaways after checking in at registration. Free Wi-Fi will be provided to allow tablets, phones, and similar devices the ability to access the documentation via the Fall Conference Portal.

All attendees were given access to the Fall Conference Portal ahead of the conference in order to print out their session documentation if they desired.




Recent Blogs:
In order to stay up-to-date on all pertinent Aeries information, be sure to regularly check out our blogs posted on our website, or even subscribe to the RSS feed. In case you missed them, here are our most recent articles:



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Fresh Desk:

Emailing Aeries Support now creates a Freshdesk Support ticket automatically:

When emailing Support@aeries.com, please always include your Name, Complete Site and/or District Name, Phone # w/extension, and Email Address.  By doing this, your information can be identified by the automated ticket process and your ticket can be more quickly assigned to a Support Representative for a callback or email response. If you are sending an email directly to an Aeries Support Representative, it is imperative that Support@aeries.com is also copied for tracking purposes and to ensure customer requests are handled properly. Customers with a Freshdesk account can now visit the Aeries SIS Freshdesk website to submit new support requests/tickets or monitor open tickets. 

Also, coming soon will be a searchable knowledge base from all Support questions and inquiries; this pool of information will be available from the Aeries SIS Freshdesk website as well.




Aeries Support Welcomes You Back to the 2016 School Year!

As always, the Aeries Support team is here to help. However, with August through October being our busiest time of the year in Support, here are some tips to help your schools avoid pitfalls by monitoring data now at the beginning of the school year:

  • Required CALPADS Attendance Codes - be sure you are using the required ATT codes for this school year.  Click here to read the document describing the codes.
  • Utilize the No-Show setup form to help you properly handle your No-Show students.
  • Run your Course Attendance (CAR) and Attendance (ATT) Audit Reports often in the first few weeks of school.  We suggest that they are run daily at the beginning of the school year, then at least weekly.  The reports should be clear of any errors.
  • Do not make major changes to your School Calendar after school has started without consulting Support first.
  • Initialize the Grades (GRD) and Standards Based Grades (SBG) before each Grading Period/Mark.
  • Once Standards Based Grades (SBG) have been initialized, there cannot be any changes made to the report card layout or SBG Standards setup for the entire school year. However, the new SBG templates in the web version may be used to prepare for next school year.
  • Clear Attendance Letter counts.



CALPADS Information:

With the start of the new school year, it is important to perform various functions to ensure successful CALPADS reporting.  A document is available on our website that details the functions and processes that need to be completed on a regular basis for successful CALPADS reporting.  Please refer to the CALPADS_Annual_Maintenance.pdf document. 

CALPADS Attendance Reporting
Due to the new CALPADS Attendance (STAS) extract that is required for the 2016-2017 End of Year (EOY) reporting, it is important that districts review their codes for accurate reporting.  A document has been created to assist districts with setting up and maintaining their absence codes.  As we learn more about the CALPADS Attendance (STAS) extract, we may be making adjustments to the Absence Code and Attendance History tables in the future.   Please refer to the document below for more information:  Absence_Codes.pdf    

Upcoming Changes
Aeries continues to support districts with the CALPADS process.  The following enhancements will be implemented in Aeries in the near future:

  • CALPADS Extracts in the Web - SSID Requests and Imports available now.  Other functionalities will be coming soon.
  • Attendance (STAS) extract
  • New Program Code: Students in Military Families
  • Calculation and collection of Golden State Seal Merit Diploma and Seal of Biliteracy for graduates.
  • New E170 Exit Code for Secondary Enrollments

Documentation will also be updated to detail these changes.
We suggest that districts join the Aeries_Talk Listserv. The Aeries_Talk Listserv is not run by Aeries Software. It is moderated by Aeries users and should not be viewed as a mechanism for contacting Aeries Software for Aeries Support.

Information/CBEDS Day:
Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 is Information Day, formerly known as CBEDS day.  The following are items you should be aware of:

  • NOTHING in Aeries has to be run on Information Day.
  • CALPADS uses Enrollment History (ENR) and Course Enrollment History (CAR) when extracting data for Fall 1 and Fall 2 reporting.  Additionally, the "Print Student Counts By Grade and Subgroup (CBEDS)" or “Print Student Counts By Grade and Race/Ethnicity (CBEDS)” reports can be run at any time for any particular day because they use Enrollment History. 
  • Although it is NOT required, if you feel you have a local need, the CBEDS reports can be run to tag the STU.CIC (Counted in CBEDS) field.  It won't hurt anything, but nothing in Aeries uses this field any more.  The "Print Student Counts By Grade and Subgroup (CBEDS)" or “Print Student Counts By Grade and Race/Ethnicity (CBEDS)” reports have the option to populate the STU.CIC field when the CBEDS day is entered.  This makes the need to run the old CBEDS reports in Aeries even more optional.
  • If you wish, you can create a snapshot backup of your database on Information day.  It is not required for CALPADS reporting.

The following are items you should be doing regularly to ensure you are reporting clean data to CALPADS:

  • Run the Course Attendance Audit to verify there are no CAR dates errors (Secondary and Elementary with Master schools only).
  • Run the Attendance Audit Listing to verify that there are no Attendance errors.
  • Run the Summary of Students report from the School and/or District.
  • In the District, run the Enrollment Audit Listing to verify that there are no Enrollment errors.
  • In the District or School, run the Student Count Reports (CBEDS)



Teacher Resource Center:


In an effort to assist teachers with quick and easy access to critical information, we have redesigned our Teacher Resource Center to maximize the user experience. We have developed a dedicated site with teacher documentation, broken-down Gradebook resources, Common Task Videos, Tips and Tricks, a Teacher Portal Roadmap, and What’s New with Aeries.  Teachers have access to this resource on their home page in the Aeries portal.

Found in the Aeries Teacher Resource Center is a community forum just for teachers called Aeries Community.  This collaboration tool will allow teachers to help each other find what they need in Aeries.  To visit the Teacher Community directly, visit http://aeries.answerbase.com/

Also in the Aeries Teacher Resource Center is the Aeries Gradebook UserVoice - a place to submit your great ideas and to vote for feature enhancements for the Aeries Teacher Gradebook. You can also keep track of the status of all pending features and hear feedback directly from the Aeries development team. To visit the Aeries Gradebook UserVoice site directly, visit http://aeries.uservoice.com/




Loop Integration:

Aeries is proud to introduce our newly integrated communication solution “Loop.”  Loop is the solution to fragmented communication in the K-12 marketplace.  It provides a secure, simple, and manageable place to connect with staff and parents. 

The partnership with Loop allows any school district to easily send general mass communications, attendance notifications, as well as emergency announcements through email, text message, and/or a phone call. Secondly, messaging can be initiated between staff members as well as between a teacher and a parent.  Direct messaging creates a quick and convenient means of communication for anyone with internet access.  Most importantly, Loop provides complete oversight for all interactions.  All communications through Loop are archived and easily reviewable by your district administrator. Finally, automated attendance triggers can be setup within Aeries to be sent out using Loop as the communication platform.

Loop was designed for districts, created with schools, and loved by parents. For more information regarding Loop, please contact sales@aeries.com.




Physical Fitness in Aeries Web is an Underutilized Gem:

Physical Fitness test results can be entered by Teachers using Aeries Web. The Physical Fitness form is color coded and easy to use.  Many current Aeries Districts, use Aeries to gather Physical Fitness data and have saved significant dollars by doing so. The Physical Fitness entry by teacher comes fully enabled for all Aeries users at no extra cost.  The test results are gathered through Aeries Teacher Portal by Teachers or by Admins through Physical Fitness Teacher Emulation.  There is also a Physical Fitness Letter to Parents in Aeries Web. You can also gather Multiple Testing Administrations throughout the year.

Be sure to check out the documentation Physical Fitness.pdf and Physical Fitness Multiple Testing Administrations.pdf.




Student Data Security:

The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe) is a nonprofit alliance of policy leaders, educators, law enforcement members, technology experts, public health experts, and advocates. Through this network, iKeepSafe tracks global trends and issue surrounding digitally connected products and their effect on students.

iKeepSafe developed the California Student Privacy Assessment to address the concerns of parents, educators and advocates around student data privacy, and to make it easy for all stakeholders to comply with the new California privacy laws and standards of best practice. Building trust with parents and schools, and confidence in Ed Tech products, facilitates access to classroom technology innovation, so that all students and schools can benefit.

Aeries Software is currently in the midst of undergoing an assessment by iKeepSafe to earn the iKeepSafe California Student Privacy Badge. iKeepSafe will also be in attendance at the Fall Users’ Conference in Sacramento, presenting the Student Data Privacy Forum on Monday afterhours from 4:10-5:00PM.





Standards Based Grades:

Standards Based Grade reporting has recently been enhanced with several exciting updates:

  • Standards Based Options - new mark types for Free Text and Comment have been added. Setting a Standard as Free Text will allow up to 5 characters to be entered for the mark without being limited by "Valid Marks". Setting a Standard as Comment will allow a comment to be written in line with other Standards, like "English Comment". The ability to use these new mark types relies on a new Standards Based Option to "Enable Web Only Features". Please note that using these new features will disable access to Standards Based Grading in the Client! Also included in the Web Only options are two new methods of display comments: Shrink-to-fit and Advanced Formatting. These options will apply both to existing term comments and the new Comment mark types. Shrink-to-fit will modify the font-size on the printed transcript to allow for more text to be shown. The Advanced Formatting option allows teachers to use features such as bold, italic, and underline.

  • Standards Based Options - a Push to Other Schools button has been added to the screen. This button can be used to push the General Options and Language Options settings from the current school to other selected elementary schools. NOTE: Options outside of the current school’s grade range will not push.

  • Standards Based Options - Valid Marks can now be set up with Default scales for percent and rubric. Initializing the Mark scales will aid the teachers when loading standards based grades from the gradebook by pre-populating the grade marks with the default values.

  • Standards - a “Not Linkable to Gradebook Assignments” field has been added to the Standards table. When enabled the standard will not be selectable in the Gradebook.



Gradebook Enhancements:

Aeries Software has added many new features and enhancements to the Gradebook over the summer. The following are some of those enhancements:

  • Gradebook Assignment Categories - Categories can now have colors assigned to them. A color strip now displays at the top of the assignment columns on the Scores By Class page if any assignment category has color.
  • Scores By Class Show Trend option
  • Scores By Class New Sort Option
  • Transfer Grades
  • Show Point Ratio option
  • Gradebook Restore enhancements
  • Status and Comments on the Scores by Class screen
  • The ability to sort Scores by Class by due date or assignment ascending and descending
  • Standards usability enhancements
  • Push Assignments showing most recently created assignment first
  • An option to automatically add and drop students from a class based on Course Attendance dates
  • Mass Copy Gradebooks can be used to initialize all teacher gradebooks in a school
  • Score Import from XLS, XLSX, or CSV
  • New Missing Assignments By Class Report

You can find a description and screenshots of these changes on our Online Help: Gradebook_Enhancements_Fall_2016

And detailed Gradebook documentation is available at the following link: Aeries_Gradebook.pdf




New 2016 Hosted Customers:

Even more districts have found that moving their local Aeries environment to our Aeries Hosted solution has saved them precious resources and time. Contact sales@aeries.com for an Aeries Local vs. Hosted ROI Analysis Report to see if going hosted is the right move for your district. The following districts have made the switch in 2016:

  • Alvord USD
  • ASA Charter
  • Biggs USD
  • Burbank USD
  • Carlsbad USD
  • Castaic Union SD
  • Chualar ESD
  • City Heights Preparatory Charter School
  • Del Norte County USD
  • FIELD Institute
  • Gonzales USD
  • Gateway Cities Charter
  • Grizzly Youth Academy
  • Kings River Union ESD
  • Lynwood USD
  • Mira Costa HS Summer School (Manhattan Beach USD)
  • Mountain Valley USD
  • Oakland Military Institute (Welcome Back!)
  • Porterville USD
  • Redding Stem Academy
  • River Delta USD
  • River Oak Charter
  • San Luis Obispo COE
  • San Miguel Joint Union SD
  • Scholarship Preparatory Charter School
  • Semitropic ESD
  • Servite Catholic HS
  • Shandon Joint USD
  • Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools
  • Twin Hills USD



Security Recommendations:

With the safety and security of student information on everyone's mind, it is important to review your policies and procedures involving your Aeries Student Information System.  This integral part of your daily operations at the school district should be reviewed and updated often to keep sensitive data secure and protected from threats both internal and external.

  • The first and most important step to securing your data that can be accessed over the internet and your internal network is to ensure that your Aeries websites are using a valid SSL certificate.  To most, this simply means that when you go a website, you have to type in https:// instead of http://.  In reality, it allows data to be encrypted so that would-be attackers can't access data that is being sent across your network and the internet.  Aeries Software highly recommends that both external and internal Aeries websites (Aeries Admin, Teacher Portal, Student/Parent Portal) run with an SSL certificate to ensure that data is protected wherever it may be accessed.
  • With the beginning of a new school year, staff members have new jobs, different responsibilities, or may have moved to different sites. Reviewing security regularly, especially at the beginning of the school year, is critical to ensuring that each user has enough access to complete their assigned jobs, but also limited access to private and sensitive data to which users do not need access. Remove, expire, or disable accounts for users who are no longer with the district. Adjust which school sites to which each user should have access. Add additional permissions to users who may need access to areas of the program that they didn't have previously.  You will also want to review which users have full administrative access to student data and limit the number of these types of accounts as much as possible.  These adjustments may need to be made on both the client (SQL) and the web versions of Aeries.
  • The final item that we would like to remind you of is the Aeries ability to configure password requirements.  This feature allows you to specify how often each type of user needs to reset their password, the minimum length of the password, whether or not it requires the use of special characters, and other important complexity settings.  Ensure that these settings are being utilized in your districts to make sure that the accounts and your data remain secure.  Aeries minimum password recommendations are as follows:

Aeries Web - Configure Password Requirements

  • Force Users to Change Password (every six months)
  • Days Prior to Expiration to Notify Users (10 days)
  • Minimum Length (8 characters)
  • Require Special Characters (NO)
  • Require Letters and Numbers (YES)
  • Require Upper and Lower Case (YES)
  • New must be significantly different than old (NO)

Aeries Roadmap of Upcoming Features:
We are excited with all the recent advancements in Aeries and look forward to these upcoming changes throughout this school year:

New Look to Aeries: After getting feedback from many different User Experience designers over the last 2 years and developing many proofs of concept, the new look to Aeries is under development.  The navigation system will be revamped to be more user friendly and the color scheme will improve readability of information throughout the system.  This clean new look gives us the opportunity to re-think how we present information to end users.  Look for this transition to come in the next couple months.

Records Transfer: With nearly half of California schools now using Aeries, it is only natural that Aeries builds in a K12-K12 records transfer system to electronically transfer student data between districts.  Beta testing should begin in October with early adopter districts.

Aeries App: A newly redesigned iOS and Android App for Aeries is under development right now.  It will first replace the functionality of the old "Aeries EMT" app and will very quickly move into providing functionality for students and parents.

Printing Previous Year Transcripts: This is about to get very easy to do in Aeries.  This new feature is being tested right now and is about to be released.  It uses the District Student Lookup page in the current year to search through all students who have ever been in your district and will generate a new PDF transcript for a student, even if they haven't been enrolled in your district for decades.  Of course you need that data in Aeries, but it can be in a previous year database.  So no needing to change years and re-login to print old transcripts!  This same method will be used to be able to copy in an old student record from a previous year.

Report Card History: This is another feature about to be released.  Each grading period the report cards generated for all students will be stored in the Aeries database and will be able to be retrieved at any time by anyone given permission, including parents and students.  This will allow quick access to report cards from previous terms, years, and schools.  And maybe with K12-K12 records transfer, previous districts!

Student Groups: The Ad-Hoc Student Groups feature in Aeries is getting an overhaul with enhancements to make adding students easier and faster.  We are also going to allow linking Student Groups to Performance Levels of Aeries Analytics Indicators.  This will create dynamic student groups updated nightly!

504 Plans: This area is also getting an overhaul with adjustments to wording and labelling of tabs and fields and some more data sets.

Aeries Analytics: The big new feature planned for release in a few months is the ability to analyze graduation subject areas for students.

Individualized Academic Plans: Look for major enhancements in this area scheduled to ship in February or March.  We are taking this feature to the next level!

Summer School Course Requests: We are gathering change requests right now and plan to have this process totally revamped this Winter.

And so much more.  We just don't have enough room to fit it all!




New and Returning Aeries Customers:

We are excited to welcome our new and returning Aeries customers:

 District/School Name Prior SIS
Antioch USD eSchoolPlus
City Heights Prep Charter PowerSchool
Farmworker Institute of Education & Leadership Development (FIELD) PowerSchool
Gateway Cities Charter School PowerSchool
Oakland Military Institute Infinite Campus
Patterson JUSD PowerSchool
RCEA Military Academy Illuminate
Semitropic Elementary SD Schoolwise





Online Resources:

With the school year officially underway, you have had some time to dive into the system and explore all of the capabilities of the Aeries SIS.  Here is a helpful list of resources that are at your disposal:

Need Help? Visit our Aeries Online Help page! http://help.aeries.com/

Want to watch a video? Check out all of our support videos: www.aeries.com/training-support/support-videos

Need documentation? www.aeries.com/training-support/downloads

Does a teacher need help? http://teacher.aeries.com/

Want to stay up to date with all things Aeries?

Still can't find what you're looking for?  Submit an online help request: https://support.aeries.com

Remember, if your issue is urgent, please do not hesitate to call our help desk and one of our live support reps, will do their best to assist: (888) 324-5363.



Visit The Aeries Software Team at Upcoming Conferences:

We look forward to seeing everyone at the following annual conferences and tradeshows this year. Please stop by our booths and say hi to the Aeries team and learn 'What's New' with Aeries! We'll also be having break-out sessions at some of these events:

Doing What Matters for Students - Passport to Success: Counseling for 21st Century College and Career Readiness Conference
October 14, 2016
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach
Come see us at our presentation

California Education Technology Professionals Association Conference (CETPA)
November 8 - 11, 2016
Sacramento Conference Center
Come see us @ Booth 201 along with scheduled breakout sessions

California Educational Research Association Conference (CERA)
November 30th - December 2nd, 2016
Sacramento Sheraton Grand Hotel

California School Boards Association Conference (CSBA)
December 1-3, 2016
San Francisco Moscone West Conference Center
Come see us @ Booth 613

National Computer User Educators Conference (CUE)
March 15 - 18, 2017
Palm Springs Convention Center
Come see us @ Booth# 315 along with scheduled breakout sessions

California Charter Schools Conference (CCSC)
March 20-23, 2017
Sacramento Conference Center

California Association of School Business Officials Annual Conference (CASBO)
April 13 - 14, 2017
Long Beach Convention Center
Come see us @ Booth# 406




Staff Changes:

Changes in Roles / Titles:

JD McKeel - JD joined Aeries Software in April 2015 as a Second Level Support Representative and recently became a member of the Quality Control Department. JD has an extensive background of Aeries from his previous experience working at districts who were customers of Aeries.  He will be a valuable asset in the Quality Control Department testing and documenting the latest and greatest Aeries features.

David Ingram - After his time as an Infantry Specialist in the US Army, David joined Aeries Software in 2012 as a Multimedia Designer immediately after earning a degree in Audio Production. While working at Aeries, David continually sought out more experience and expertise in design, marketing, and branding, including by attending college on nights and weekends. Due to this, David grew into a role as Aeries Software's first ever Creative Director and led the Aeries rebranding effort. In May 2016, David accepted a role with Manley Laboratories to combine his lifelong love of audio with his newfound skills in marketing.

Joining the Aeries Software Team:

Ray Valenzuela - Ray has recently joined the Aeries Sales team as a Sales Associate.  He has 5 years of sales and customer service experience and is currently completing a degree in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton.

Programming Department
Ron Hudson - He brings over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries and business models. He has immediately shown his capabilities and productiveness as a veteran in the field.

Ivan Esparza - Ivan will be working on the next generation of the "Aeries App" for the Android platform.

Matt Schutz - Matt actually worked for us last year for a short while.  He left us to pursue another venture, but is back with us now ready to help with the new Aeries look and redesign.

Murat Erarslan - Murat comes to us from Cool SIS, a small competitor to Aeries that has focused on the Charter School market.  Before Cool, Murat has been a classroom teacher and school administrator.  His experiences should add wonderful value to our company.

Support Department
Susan Prow - Susan worked at a Junior High, in Pupil Services, as a Tech, and finally was the Aeries Admin and district CALPADS expert in her 24 years with Orcutt Union School District.  She helped Orcutt become an Aeries Web-only district for all frontend users. Susan has also presented Attendance in Aeries Web sessions at the Aeries User Conferences since March 2013.  Susan started with Aeries Software as an Aeries Support Representative and Trainer in July of 2016.

Sarah Walpole - Sarah worked at Mojave Unified School District for 12 years before joining the team at Aeries.  She held various job titles while at Mojave: User-Support Technician, Technology Technician, and finally Data Management Specialist. Sarah managed the state reporting and CALPADS for many years and was also the Technology Equipment Handler, Assistant Network Manager, and Primary Data Support for all the sites in her district.  Sarah joined the Aeries Team in August of this year as a 2nd Level Support Representative.

Lauren LaRose - Lauren comes to Aeries with an array of experience in customer service and support, software application support, SQL, and much more.  She most recently worked for Certica Solutions, where she was a Client Services/SaaS Application Support Specialist.  Lauren will start at Aeries as a 2nd Level Support Representative in late October.

Contract Trainers
Jaime Perez - is currently the SIS manager for Tustin USD and brings an incredible wealth of knowledge of Aeries dating back more than a decade.      

Arlene Suval - recently retired from Paso Robles USD, where she was the District Data Administrator for nearly 12 years.  She brings with her over two decades of school district experience!  




Workshops Registration Open:

The following regional workshops are now open for registration:

  • Attendance Accounting
  • CALPADS Fall 1 & 2
  • Aeries Client Server Administration (Aeries & SQL)
  • Customizing Aeries Web Version
  • Student Scheduling

The following webinar workshops are now open for registration:

  • CALPADS in Aeries
    • Data Preparation and Management
    • Reporting and Analysis
  • Aeries Web Security & Portal Options
  • Aeries Online Enrollment (AIR)
  • Aeries Analytics - Dashboards & Early Warning System
  • Aeries Re-Registration - Parent Data Confirmation
  • Aeries Database Administrator (DBA) Overview

The Aeries website has been updated with the workshops being offered through the Winter. Please visit our website at www.aeries.com/workshops-events for detailed information on the workshops available. Regional workshops will be presented using a lecture format with a single computer and projector, unless denoted otherwise. Webinar workshops will continue to be offered and expanded for training topics that are shorter in nature and to accommodate those that are unable to make in-person regional workshops. Each webinar workshop will last approximately 2-3 hours and offers information on a very specific topic.

To sign up, simply find the event you are interested in and click the "Click to Register" link, which will transfer you to the Aeries Events Site to finalize your registration. Limited space is available and registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis when received with either a check or purchase order. For additional information or questions, please contact us at (888) 487-7555 or training@aeries.com.

Free Maximizing Aeries Workshops

Several more Maximizing Aeries workshops are being planned throughout California for the 2016-17 school year. These workshops are typically held at County Offices of Education (COEs) as a central location where districts throughout the county, and surrounding counties, can meet to find out about improving the use of Aeries SIS. Recent Aeries developments and plans for the future will also be covered.

Locations scheduled thus far include:

  • Anaheim - September 19, 2016
  • Oceanside - October 19, 2016
  • Riverside - October 20, 2016