Spring 2023 AeriesCon


AeriesCon is an opportunity for clients to enhance their existing foundation of knowledge and share their experiences to better meet the needs of their schools. Topics are presented using a lecture format with a single computer and a projection unit. The conference workshops are NOT designed to replace training for new clients and hands-on environment is limited to an open forum question and answer area.

The third day of the conference offers attendees the opportunity to attend advanced sessions dedicated to a more focused topic. Attendees can choose between the Advanced Database Administrator (DBA) or Advanced CALPADS Day being offered Wednesday, March 8, 2023. These sessions will go be more in-depth and beyond the scope of the respective sessions offered on Network Administration and State Reporting during the first two days of the conference.

Cancellations - to avoid financial responsibility for the event, registrations must be deleted from by February 6, 2023. After February 6, 2023, an email outlining extenuating circumstances must be sent to; otherwise, an invoice will be issued for the full registration amount. 

Conference Start Date