Focus on student success, not server stability

Say goodbye to the hosting headache. Enjoy peace of mind and leave Aeries backups, updates, security, speed, recovery and availability to us.

Guaranteed uptime, full reliability

Enjoy industry-leading speed, security and reliability built on the AWS platform.

Full ownership and access to your data using your favorite tools

Get cloud convenience without giving up control. Manage your data on your terms.

Database administrator expertise at your fingertips

Our team of K-12 cloud experts is standing by to lend their wisdom anytime.


Put our network to work for your district

Forget about hardware, licensing, complex installations, tedious configuration, backups, updates, and never-ending uptime monitoring.
Aeries Cloud provides a fully managed, end-to-end platform that takes the headache out of hosting the Aeries student information system.
Our cloud hosting experts are ready to help you - former district tech staff who have scaled Aeries instances from thousands of users to millions in their careers.

Why Aeries Cloud?

If you’re self-hosting an instance of Aeries, learn why migrating to the cloud might be the right move for your district


For many districts, cloud hosting saves money by freeing up staff resources and reducing the cost of managing technology.

Faster performance

Our network is designed to automatically scale to your district’s size, providing an unmatched level of performance compared to self-hosted instances.

Disaster recovery

Powered by the best-in-class AWS network, we provide a fully redundant system with total rollback recovery in a disaster.

Best-in-class security

Offering regulation compliance and an infrastructure built on leading cloud platforms, application security and service uptime are built in to Aeries.

Advanced monitoring

On Aeries Cloud, your student information system is securely monitored by our team for errors, downtime, or suspicious requests so that server issues don’t impede your stakeholders.

Unmatched uptime

High availability is what we do - even for districts where hundreds of thousands of teachers, parents and students are using the system concurrently.

A history of innovation

Did you know that the founder of Aeries developed an early version of the modern student information system in the 1960s on a mainframe computer that took up the whole room?
Since our inception, Aeries has always had one mission: to empower communities to advance student success by developing innovative tools and lasting partnerships with our client districts.

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