Streamline student enrollment

A customizable form-based enrollment system that syncs with Aeries

Say goodbye to the paper packet and manual data entry

Aeries Online Enrollment offers a streamlined student enrollment experience, reducing friction for parents and saving districts time, hassle and money.

Online student enrollment, solved

Life moves fast, and users don’t have time for tedious processes. With Online Enrollment, the optimized user experience means time savings.

  • Simple and focused for parents

    A focused, multi-lingual survey-style experience eliminates all distractions and guides parents through each step.

  • Automated and integrated for clerks

    Gone are the days of manual data collection and entry. Reduce errors, paper costs, and complexity in enrolling.

  • Scalable and customizable for admins

    Simple installation, rich customization of options, and scalable to every family in the district.

  • Why Online Enrollment?

    Save time and money with automated student enrollment at every school

    Reduced data entry & errors

    Wave goodbye to manual data collection and tedious data entry. Optimize your enrollment pipline and free up your clerks’ time.

    Custom data collection

    Featuring a highly dynamic configuration for registration questions, allowing you to collect the data that you need for your processes.

    Seamless integration

    No manual import or export or complex configuration. Online Enrollment integrates directly with Aeries for an instant sync.

    Multilingual support

    One registration flow for all your student families. Give parents and guardians an easy enrollment experience regardless of language barriers.

    Time-saving features

    Leave the enrollment process and return later to pick up where you left off. Register students using an existing registration such as a sibling.

    Rich customization

    With editable pages and a rich WYSIWYG editor, you can format many questions and pages according to your district’s personality and style.

    Multi-device, multi-language

    Aeries Online Enrollment makes it easy for all parents in your district to quickly enroll students, regardless of the language they speak or the device they use to submit the enrollment.

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