Fundraising, fees, and transactions in Aeries

Fully integrated financial processing system


In-district payment processing and community fundraising made easy

Aeries Financials is an integrated financial management solution for payment processing and community fundraising powered by LivingTree Give.

Manage fees, fines, and tuition

Process payments, manage transactions, and create monthly payment schedules, all within the SIS you already use.

Community fundraising platform

Let schools and families create crowdfunding campaigns, with the lowest transactional fees.

Safety, security, and simplicity

With secure debit and credit transactions, parents and students can pay with ease and peace of mind.

The two-in-one solution to your district’s financial chaos

An integrated payment system

The Aeries Financials platform offers a safe transaction system that securely accepts debit and credit cards, so parents and students can pay fees with peace of mind.

  • Directly integrated
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Start using it free with zero setup
  • A district-level crowdfunding platform

    Rather than 3rd party websites where the district has no oversight, with Financials parents and students can create LivingTree Give campaigns right from within Aeries.

  • Complete district and stakeholder oversight
  • Lowest transactional fees
  • Empower families to crowdfund costs

    Unlock more online fundraising opportunities for your district

    With fundraising becoming more and more necessary for adequate funding in education, unapproved online fundraisers on 3rd party sites can present a liability for districts both financially and in terms of public perception.
    With Aeries Financials, your district can control your own managed fundraising environment with granular configuration options, for example mandating principal approval for each campaign before it becomes visible to parents and students on your portal.
    A managed, dedicated fundraising environment for your schools means more control, reduced liability and less donor confusion.

    Offer out-of-the-box online payments to your parents and students

    For Aeries districts still manually processing payments for student family transactions like fees and fines, Aeries Financials offers an integrated solution that parents can use right from their portal.
    Process payments, track transactions, and create monthly payment schedules all accessible within the SIS your stakeholders already use.

    Why Aeries Financials?

    For districts big and small, Aeries Financials provides greater control of payments and community fundraising.

    Track every dollar

    Track and associate every detail of fundraising campaigns. Robust reporting makes it easy to generate reports to track your transactions, analyze campaign statistics and keep track of donors.

    Manage your environment

    Customize your approval process to ensure fundraisers are reviewed and approved before they go live. Use one district-controlled account for funds, providing oversight and transparency.

    Give your community a platform

    Teachers, teams, programs, PTAs, and boosters can create professional-looking, sharable fundraising campaigns in just minutes. View every campaign on your customized district and campus level Livingtree Fundraising pages.

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