Unified System

Aeries is one unified and integrated software system. It contains the comprehensive functionality needed by school and district administrators for successful student information management results.

Aeries® SIS — Integrated, non-modular approach

Aeries is a single integrated SIS software solution. There are no individual modules or additional components within Aeries. This includes the Aeries Portals for parents, teachers, administrators, and students, and all mandated state and federal reporting requirements. New features are fitted seamlessly into Aeries and released to our clients along with updated documentation and integrated online help. Our integrated approach streamlines implementation and updates, simplifies system administration, and provides cost-effective support for the district.

Data hosting

Aeries is designed so that all of the current data for the district is contained in one single, centralized database residing at the District office. The student records for all schools in the district are maintained in the Aeries SQL database. This makes it very easy to import or transfer a student and their records from one school to another since everything is contained in one centralized database. School users may be restricted to viewing only their students. District administrators may be given permission to view all students in all schools. Backup procedures are simplified because there is a single database to backup each night, rather than many files.

There is a separate Aeries database for each year, enabling users to access prior years’ data for analysis and reporting. The Aeries SQL database is maintained at the top of industry standard data normalization practices. New features are fully integrated into the system and do not require duplicate data entry of the same information.

With nearly 30 years of history and longevity providing service to educators in California, the Aeries products stand up with incredible functionality to handle the robust requirements of state reporting.  Eagle Software provides our clients with an easy to use interface that is feature rich for Administrators, Teachers, Students, and Parents. As the educational needs in California progress, so does the Aeries Product Line.