Aeries Beta Integration with Google Apps for Education

Tags: GAFE, Google Apps for Education

Eagle Software is pleased to announce the initial rollout of the ability to synchronize your students to your Google Apps For Education (GAFE) accounts.  As more districts use hosted services like Google for Email, Applications and Learning Management, automating the management of these services has become a major task for districts.  This new integration between Aeries and GAFE will help streamline account management.

This rollout is a beta release, and we would like to invite districts to participate.  Ideal candidates would be districts that are not currently relying on their GAFE accounts and are willing to run tests and do a phased implementation or who can setup a test domain and compare the results in their test domain to their current production domain. 

Current Features:

  • -         Synchronizes Student Accounts into Custom Organization Units (OUs)
  • -        Nightly "push" of student accounts to GAFE
  • -        Real Time account creation when students are enrolled through

Next Steps:

  • -        Automated Teacher and Staff Account Creation in GAFE
  • -        Google Authentication for Students, Parents, Teachers, and Office Staff into
  • -        Access Google Drive through
  • -        Automated Creation of Google Classrooms and Linking of Staff and Students 

If you are interested in participating in this beta release, please contact Eagle support.

Sample Screenshots:

Student Accounts in Google Apps for education:


Organizational Unit management:


Options for synchronizing students for Google Apps for Education: