CAASPP Interim Assessment Import

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Many schools are taking advantage of the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment providing summative and/or formative testing assessments. These interim assessments are a great testing resource that provides educators assessments on their student progress and identify strengths and areas of improvement in relation to the Common Core Standards.

SBAC Interim Assessment results are managed by a school’s CAASPP administrator with the ability to download test results from their SBAC Portal. Aeries now provides a new procedure allowing the import of Interim Assessment results into the Aeries testing tables. This will ultimately provide greater analysis using Aeries queries, reports, and Aeries Analytics Dashboards & Early Warning System when designing appropriate remediation and interventions to improve learning.

Import Test Results is a new screen in the Aeries Web Version which will allow users to easily import state test result data into the Aeries Student Information System. At this time only the CAASPP Interim Assessment data can be imported using this screen, but as development continues more test result formats will be added.



The procedures to import test results in the Aeries Web Version are similar to those used in the Aeries Client Version:

  1.  1. Select the File Layout for the test scores that will be imported
  2.  2. Select the file(s) that contain the test results data (more than one test result file can be loaded at a time if necessary)
  3. 3. Load the test results
  4. 4. Match the test results to students
  5. 5. Review/update the default Test Date and Administration
  6. 6. After all students are matched import the test results by clicking on the Update Test Tables button.

Test results can be imported either at the district or school level. When importing at the school level, the matching process will only match students that have records in the school that the user is logged into.

After the test results have been added to the testing tables an email will be sent to the user detailing which testing tables were updated along with the number of records that were added, updated, and deleted. A list of the files that were uploaded will also appear at the end of the email.

Complete documentation on the Import Test Results screen can be found on our Downloadable Documents page, under the Testing and Assessment category. Below is a link to the document: