Google Integration with Aeries

Tags: Google Classroom, Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Google Classroom are becoming popular with many school districts.  Additionally, Chromebooks deployments in schools are becoming more prevalent for 1:1 initiative and meeting mobile technology needs for educators.

School districts using Google Classroom benefit from the safe collaboration with learners and sharing of classroom assignments and Google documents.  Google Classroom provides a clean user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and put to use.  Additionally, educators and students using Chromebooks benefit from the device account synchronization through GAFE.

Google has been a great partner in education and has provided tools to integrate with Aeries® SIS.  Aeries Software is pleased to announce some further additions to our current Google Integration with GAFE accounts and Google Classroom.

Current Features:

  • -Automatically create and synchronize student accounts into custom Organization Units (OUs) within your Google Domain.
  • -Suspend Google Accounts for inactive students.
  • -Real time account creation when students are enrolled through Aeries® SIS Web Version
  • -Google Authentication in Aeries® SIS portals for students and teachers.
  • -Teacher activated creation of Google Classrooms and linking of students to Google Classrooms.
  • -Teachers’ capability to link to established Google Classrooms.
  • -Automated Google Classroom student linking by section for Aeries activated Google Classrooms.
  • -Import Google Classroom results to Aeries Gradebooks

Below is a recent Quote from Doug Davis, Director of Instructional Technology and Student Activities, Kingsburg High School:

“We recently went 1:1 rolling out 1100 Windows 10, 2 in 1 laptops at Kingsburg High.  We used Aeries to create all of our Student GAFE domain accounts and use that for portal account creation.  It has really lived up to its billing and saved us a ton of time.  We also used the "create" your google classroom feature and teachers loved it, as it auto populates their Google Classroom, instead of them getting the code out to their students then having them join one by one.  The two missing pieces of the puzzle were just taken care of this week: Google classroom roster sync to active students in the class, and being able to grade assignments in Google Classroom and Import back over to Aeries.  I enabled this feature 2 days ago, and the response has been a big 2 thumbs up.  The only thing I have had staff getting used to is that the sync feature happens once a night.  Other than that, we at Kingsburg High are so excited that Aeries has embraced the Google Integration.  On my management side, it has been so straight forward, I don't get too many brain freezes during the day!”

Please refer to our documentation in the downloadable documents on our website or on our Online Help to learn more about configuring these new Google integration features: ‘Google Authentication’ and ‘Google Integration with Aeries'  Additionally, feel free to contact Aeries Support to schedule a time to assist in the integration configuration.