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If you’re not keeping an eye out for the Aeries revision notes posted in conjunction with new updates, you may miss out on some of the finer details involved with the constant progression of Aeries® SIS. As we continue our emphasis and concentration on the Aeries Web Version (, brand new functionality will continue to regularly be added with an emphasis on user interface and user experience. The following are some recent changes that you may have noticed in your day-to-day use of Aeries.

In With Reporting Language, Out With Home Language

It was brought to our attention that our "Home Language" field in our Student table (STU.HL) was mislabeled.  There is no direct-translation of this value from the Home Language Survey, so none of those titles worked either.  Upon discussion both internally and externally, we have decided to relabel this field to "Reporting Language," since that is its true purpose.  Anywhere that you have seen "Home Language" in the past should now display "Reporting Language."

Codification and You

Have you ever wondered why some dropdown lists allow you to type whatever you'd like and others require a selection from the list?  When codes are defined in the COD table for a given table and field, only values in that list of codes are allowed to be entered.  When codes are not defined, one of two things will happen: code-based dropdowns will allow any value within the field-size and description-based dropdowns will not allow any input.  Examples of code-based dropdowns are user code fields, such as STU.U10.  Without codes defined for STU.U10, you can enter any value into that field.  Description-based dropdowns are fields like Administrative Actions in Assertive Discipline (DSP.DS).  Without codes defined, you cannot enter any value into this field.  This restriction was enabled specifically to ensure the integrity of your data.  Aeries highly recommends codifying any field that you want to easily analyze for frequency.

Other recently released or imminent features in the Aeries Web Version
  • -Custom Reports redesign – 12/11/2015
  • -Print Off Campus Pass – 12/11/2015
  • -Print Student Envelopes – 12/18/2015
  • -Intervention Dashboard – 12/18/2015
  • -Print Fee Letters – 1/8/2016
  • -Extracurricular Activities – in beta
  • -District Assets – in beta
  • -Required Fields for Data Entry
  • -Highlight CALPADS Fields

As always, you can see our detailed revision notes on the Training & Support page or Updates page on our website. If you have not already, don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed!