New Dashboard in the Aeries Student/Parent Portal

The 11/16/2012 release of contains a major new feature: a new Dashboard for the Student/Parent Portal.  This new dashboard gives parents and student quick access to important information like today's homework and events, current class grades and missing assignments, recent attendance, online educational resources and a listing of the student's most recent state test scores.  Also available is information about which other students the current account has access to and which other people have access to the current student.

This new dashboard layout should help get more information into the hands of students and parents by making this critical information more easily accessible than previously.  The idea behind this dashboard was to provide better information quickly so that parents and students do not have to go fishing for information.  This concept is also being extended to a new "Student Profile" screen in the works for parents, students, and school office staff in  The "Student Profile" screen will combine important student demographic information with quick access to student test scores and program participations.  It will also make it easy to see which areas of the student contain information about the current student so that users can quickly see the big picture about the state of the current student.

More is also planned for the new Dashboard:

  • Changing Account Types when a student or parent registers with the wrong account type
  • Re-Registration Status for all linked students
  • Online File Upload and Storage (Student Digital Backpack)

Also in recent updates to, the ability for parents and student to sign up for weekly progress report emails have been enabled.