New Training Video Series

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Over time, Aeries SIS has grown into a vast system that is utilized by students, teachers, and admins alike in the monitoring of students' comprehensive educational careers.  As a result, Aeries is utilized in a wide variety of manners by a wide variety of people. Eagle Software remains committed to providing Aeries users a large selection of training resources. The Training/Support Video library continues to expand to cover more and more topics where documentation alone just doesn't cut it. Some new video series include:

Scheduling Groups and Teams

The Scheduling Groups and Teams video series provides information involving setting up and flagging students that need to be grouped together in particular courses when the scheduling process is performed.

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Aeries CS Fields
  • 3. Fields
  • 4. Codes/Descriptions
  • 5. How the fields work
  • 6. When to use the fields
  • 7. HS Academy Example 1
  • 8. HS Academy Example 2
  • 9. MS Teams Example 1
  • 10. MS Teams Example 2
  • 11. Query population of fields
  • 12. Number of Students in Each Group
  • 13. Troubleshooting
  • 14. Elective Wheel

ABI to Transitional Assistance

During schools' transitions from ABI to, this video series covers many of the common areas that teachers have trouble adjusting to when initially making the transition, including student data lookup. Also covers the admin role in migrating teacher portal accounts from ABI to .net.

  • 1. Core Feature Comparisons
  • 2. Migrating Teacher Portal Accounts
  • 3. Student Data Lookup

Backup, Backup, Backup

This video series covers the all-important topic of backing up your Aeries data - unless you decide to have Eagle Software handle it for you by going to Aeries ASP.

  • 1. SQL Backup Concepts
  • 2. Backup Types
  • 3. Practical SQL Backup/Restore & Log Truncation (includes Manual Backup, Manual Restore (including with no historical convenience), SQL 2012/2014 Restore Differences, Transaction Log Truncation)
  • 4. Maintenance Plans

As always, you can find these videos on our Training/Support Videos page.