State Testing and State/Federal Report Updates

Tags: Civil Rights, CAASPP, CELDT, Carl Perkins, Seal, Biliteracy

Eagle Software strives to make your state testing and state and federal reporting as simple as possible. We regularly monitor state and federal website for new reporting requirements and updated file layouts. We also participate in CALPADS vendor-based calls and provide our input when necessary.

Below are a few reports that have been updated for this school year:

Civil Rights Data Collection – the Civil Rights Data Collection Options form was updated in October to meet the first CRDC reporting period. It has recently been fine-tuned, and the documentation has been updated. The CRDC has recently posted the official due date for submission as August 7th, 2015. The Civil Rights Data Collection encompasses many areas, some of which may not be stored in Aeries. We strongly encourage districts to begin working on the Civil Rights Data Collection as soon as possible.

·               Civil_Rights_Data_Collection_Report_District_PART_1_2013_2014.pdf

·               Civil_Rights_Data_Collection_Report_District_PART_2_2013_2014.pdf


State Seal of Biliteracy – the State Seal of Biliteracy is a program that recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in one or more languages other than English. While the State Seal of Biliteracy is still set as a Beta in Aeries, the program has been updated to meet the 2014-15 guidelines.  A State Seal of Biliteracy document is now available.

·               State_Seal_of_Biliteracy.pdf


Golden State Seal Merit Diploma –students in the class of 2015 are eligible to receive this award if they have demonstrated mastery of the curriculum in at least six subject matter areas with four of them including English-language arts, mathematics, science and US History. The Golden State Seal Merit Diploma was updated in February to meet the 2014-15 guidelines. The Golden State Seal document is also available.

·               Golden_State_Seal_Merit_Diploma.pdf


California College Guidance Initiative – a new extract was created in February for the California College Guidance Initiative. The CCGI Extract includes school, student, transcript and test score information for students in grades 6 - 12. The California College Guidance Initiative partners with K-12 school districts to support students, counselors, parents and community-based organizations in the college planning and preparation process.

·               CCGI_Extract.pdf

We are aware of the next phase of changes coming up and monitoring sites for updated information.

CAASPP 2015 Electronic Reporting Data Layout – we are monitoring the CAASPP website for a file layout for the final student data file. Once available we will be reaching out to our clients for a copy of their CAASPP results to aid us in testing the update. When you receive your 2015 CAASPP scores, if you would like to help us in testing the update, please contact, and they will provide information on where to send your scores file and database.

CAASPP Interim Assessment Scores -  we have a copy of the SAR Extract Dictionary. If any districts have a copy of Interim Assessment scores and would like to help us in testing an update that will import the Interim Assessment scores into Aeries, please contact and they will provide information on where to send your scores file and database.

CELDT Pre-Identification Form - We have received an updated CELDT Pre-ID File Layout for 2015-16. (Version 1.0 March 1, 2015). Our development team is in the process of updating the program according to the current layout.

Carl Perkins – we are participating in CALPADS vendor calls and WebEx’s regarding the Carl Perkins/CALPADS transition.