The Enhanced District Student Lookup - Copy One & More

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The District Student Lookup page in Aeries Web Version recently gained some major enhancements to allow for longitudinal data access from the current school year. This includes functionality previously only available to users of the client version of Aeries® SIS: Copy One student from a prior year. More importantly, the user experience has been significantly streamlined for several daily tasks, by offering the ability to print transcripts and enrollment history from prior years alongside the Copy One process on the District Student Lookup page. Now Aeries web users will go to the same page while working on tasks like copying over students that may have been missed during the near year rollover process or providing information about prior year graduates to colleges or for court orders.

In order to provide quick access to these processes, shortcuts have been added to the Student Search popup (via the “Multi-Year District Search” link) and the Student Demographics page (via the “Import from Prior Year” button):

As always, the District Student Lookup page begins with searches defaulted to look at IDN Records—from the Student Permanent ID Numbers table. Users can also optionally search by STU Records for Active or Inactive records, or only Active STU records.

When a student is selected and data is available, icons will display to generate the Transcript report, generate the Enrollment History report, or use the Copy Student process. The Transcript  and Enrollment  icons will only appear when that year’s data can be found, based on your AeriesNetConfig file.



The Copy Student Icon  will only appear if the Student does not already exist in the current year. Clicking on the icon will add the student to your current school:

Documentation is available at the following link: District Student Lookup