The New Student Groups Screen Saves the Day

Tags: Dynamic Student Groups, Aeries Analytics

The team of educators at Screaming Eagle High School run a tight ship for the benefit of their students.

For instance, as the no-nonsense counselor of Screaming Eagle High School, Ms. Anderson, is not going to let those Juniors getting failing grades in their English and Math classes continue down the current path. Nor will the attendance clerk, Mrs. Joy, rest until all the students with poor attendance records are called and checked on. They understand their role in keeping these students on-track for graduation and beyond.

The district office is no different. Consider Mr. Parker, District ELA Coordinator: he has been paying close attention to CELDT results and focusing on the students who are at below basic level based on the most recent testing administration.

This star team deserves a star tool that will help save their precious time, make their job easier, and keep track of the list of students they are committed to taking care of. One such tool is the Student Groups Screen in Aeries Web Version.

Aeries has been offering the powerful student groups screen for the last few years and it does save hours and hours of tedious work of picking and choosing students every time the district or school staff need to work on a fixed set of students. Since December, this power has expanded with the ability to associate a student group with Aeries Analytics items.  We have also rearranged the screen for a fresher look and ease of use. Finally, we have added the ability to filter students based on multiple IDs at once.

Now that the powerful analytics engine is at the service of the student groups, there is virtually no limit to creating a group based on attendance, grading, program membership, test results or any other analytic data item. In case you were wondering, yes, the list of the students is refreshed as the students associated with the analytic item criteria is updated. That’s why we call it a Dynamic Analytics Group.

To give it a try, just check the dynamic group checkbox as you create your new group. You will see the new Associated Analytic Items tab ready for you to choose from. One other important reminder is that all customers have access to the free portion of Aeries Analytics for LCAPs. Those same indicators included in the LCAP dashboards and are commonly looked at for LCFF funding are already included in the Dynamic Student Group associated Analytics items, regardless of whether or not your district has purchased the full Analytics license!

This makes Ms. Anderson, Mrs. Joy and Mr. Parker happy because Aeries will make sure their groups are refreshed and ready to use each day. That means less time spent on filtering, selecting, clicking and more time on follow-ups, planning, teaching and keeping their students on track for success.