Eagle Software Newsletter

May, 2015
Volume 16, issue 1

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Eagle Software 20th Anniversary Picnic and Open House – Saturday, July 18, 2015

Please join Eagle Software Saturday, July 18th from 1:00-5:00 pm for our annual picnic and to celebrate Eagle’s 20th Anniversary.  This year the picnic will be held at our office downstairs on the large grass area.  In addition to a great day together, there will be games, water balloons, BBQ, and more!

Please let us know if you plan to join us:  RSVP


Eagle Software’s 2015 Calendar:

  • Memorial Day – Monday, May 25, 2015
  • Independence Day – Friday, July 3, 2015
  • Eagle Software 20th Anniversary Open House – Saturday, July 18, 2015
  • Labor Day – Monday, September 7, 2015
  • Veterans Day – Wednesday, November 11, 2015
  • Thanksgiving – Thursday/Friday, November 26/27, 2015

The following is the Eagle Software winter holidays calendar:


  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Dec. 21 – 25 Open Open Open Closed Closed
Dec. 28, 2015 – Jan. 1, 2016 Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed


Our office will resume normal business hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, January 4, 2016.





Fall  2015 Users’ Conference:

The Fall 2015 Users’ Conference will be held October 12 & 13, 2015 at the Sacramento Convention Center.  The registration information has been mailed and posted to our website. Registration is handled exclusively online.  Please visit
Online Conference Registration for more information.

Once again there will be a Mixer event on Monday night, featuring appetizers and a no host bar.  The Mixer will include a Casino Night with standard casino games and raffle prizes.

All attendees will receive a free T-shirt and those that choose to go green instead of requesting the paper documentation will receive a flash drive with all of the documentation.  Also, free Wi-Fi will be provided to allow tablets, phones, and similar devices the ability to access the conference documentation via the Fall Conference Portal.





Recent Blogs:

For timely information on newly released features and important reminders, please visit our website blogs.





ABI End Of Life:

If you have not moved off of Aeries Browser Interface (ABI) already, we strongly encourage you to do so by July 1, 2015.  We will be ending all support for that product as of that date.  For quite some time now, we have been directing our programming efforts towards the Aeries.net product, and in order to continue to provide future enhancements, we will no longer dedicate any resources towards ABI.  The two products have already diverged greatly in their code base, and to continue to support ABI would only hold Aeries.net back. Our team is ready to help you transition to Aeries.net.  Additional Information can be found at: ABI End Of Live Tool Kit

Silverlight Gradebook End Of Life:

Along the same lines, we will be ending support of Silverlight Gradebook module as of July 1, 2015.  Our new  HTML5 compliant Gradebook has had overwhelming success and has generated a lot of great feedback.  HTML5 continues to get regular updates and feature enhancements.  In order to allow for the greatest flexibility in features, we cannot support two products.  Please train your teachers as necessary and as always, if you need help training, please don’t hesitate to ask us.





Training Reminder:

Training is scheduled on a first-come first-served basis, so please plan accordingly.  The busiest time of the year for Eagle Software trainers will be between July 27 and August 21.  If you require training within those weeks, please choose a date as soon as you can and contact Training@aeries.com to schedule.  Please give complete information on what you wish to have, how many people need to be trained and thorough information on how to contact you.  Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests or changes as other training sessions may already be scheduled at that time.  For a description of Aeries courses and the District staff who should participate in the training please see the Aeries Training document on our website.





Closing Out of School Year (NYR) Preparation List:

  • Run the Pre-Rollover Audit Listing in Aeries and correct any errors.  You should run this report many times in the next few weeks in preparation for rollover.
  • Verify the Next School (STU.NS) field is populated with the school the students will be attending next year.
  • Verify that the Next Grade (STU.NG) field is increased by one from the current Grade field to ensure that the student will roll over properly (Unless the student has been retained, is pre-enrolled, etc.).
  • Review all “Next Fields”: Next Track (STU.NTR), Next Teacher (STU.NT), Next Program (STU.NPS), Next Res. Schl (STU.NRS), etc.  There are also New “Next Fields” to consider, so please review them if you should use these fields.
  • Run the Attendance Audit Listing report and fix any errors.
  • All students not returning next school year need to be tagged in the STU.EOY.  See CALPADS Student Withdrawal Data Population Guide for details. Click here to download.
  • Review all CALPADS requirements for exiting students.  (Reference: Reporting Graduating Students (STU.HSG) to CALPADS.pdf click here to download and Reporting Matriculating Students to CALPADS.pdf click here.
  • Review CALPADS End of Year Submission documentation click here.
  • Complete Grades (GRD) entry and verify the correct Marks are copied correctly to the Course History (HIS) for High Schools and Middle Schools.  Middle Schools tend to forget the last semester.
  • Complete entry of Standards Based Grades (SBG) and verify the marks get rolled to Standards Based History (SBH).
  • ABI support will end this year.  Review Aeries.Net options for teachers.
  • Review teacher and user accounts in Aeries.net.





CALPADS EOY Update – 2015

Below is some information to be aware of for the end of school year

End of Year Exits

As of last year, all student enrollments must be exited in CALPADS every year. To aid with this, Aeries will automatically populate the SENR file with the E155 (Year End Grade Level Exit) code for all active students.  The E155 exit code will be populated in the SENR file when you perform an Enrollment Update Extract within 14 days of the last day of school (based on your school calendar).  Don’t worry about needing to populate all your EOY and Graduation information before extracting this information as subsequent Enrollment Update Extracts will send CALPADS the updated information. 

That being said, remember that it is very important that all queries are run to code matriculating and graduating students correctly at the end of the school year and report this information to CALPADS.  And as usual, continue to submit enrollment updates after the end of your school year as any new exit codes added to Attendance, the End of Year Status or the Completion Status fields will be extracted in subsequent SENR extracts and will overlay any previously reported E155 code in CALPADS.

Please refer to the following documents for more detailed information:




SDIS Student Discipline Extract

A new field has been added to the SDIS extract for this year’s End of Year reporting.  Element 4.23, Removal to Interim Alternative Setting Reason Code.  Both Aeries and Aeries.net have been updated on the Aril 17th versions to include this new field on the Assertive Discipline forms.

The new field is optional this year but will be required next year.  CALPADS changed the SDIS file format on Friday, May 8th to add the new field. 

Aeries versions dated May 8th and after accommodate the SDIS file format change.  The updated Aeries version must be used when uploading SDIS files to CALPADS on or after May 8th.

Below are several links to our documentation with more information:


We suggest that districts check our website often for new or updated CALPADS documentation.  We also recommend districts join the Aeries_Talk Listserv.  The Aeries_Talk_Listserv is not run by Eagle Software.  It is moderated by Aeries users and should not be viewed as a mechanism for contacting Eagle Software for Aeries Support






Eagle Software is proud to present full compatibility for both Transitional Kindergarten and Preschool grade levels!  We are also providing the ability to define your grades above 13.  The student grade level will continue to store a numeric value, but all data entry and views will display the translated value.  For example, Transitional Kindergarten is stored as -1 in the student field (STU.GR), but will display as "TK" on all pages and reports in Aeries.  We will be releasing a setup form – Define Student Grade Levels in both Aeries.net and AeriesCS:

The setup form will allow you to define the descriptions of each of your grade levels. For example, the high school levels above are defined as "Freshman" through "Senior" instead of simply "9th Grade" through "12th Grade".  The Code, which displays in place of the grade's Actual Value, can be modified for Preschool (i.e. "PS" or "PK") and for grades above 13.  There is also the ability for each school to define whether the grades above 13 can be used.  In the above image, the Elementary School has selected not to use "Ungraded Secondary" (15), or "Adult Education" (18).  The code value (i.e. “TK”) will display on any page that includes a grade level.  Data entry will use dropdown lists, based on the Define Student Grade Levels configuration, instead of free text.





Standards Based Grades:

We are pleased to announce a major renovation to our Standards Based Report Cards!  Several enhancements will be added that will greatly enhance the look of the Standard Based report cards.

Due to the nature of these changes, we do not want to force this change on you within the school year.  Existing report cards will not look the same after installing he update, and for that reason we have decided to offer these enhancements in a Beta version for those who want it.

You can find a document detailing the changes available in this Beta version at:

Enhancements to Standard Based Grades

Please let us know if you are interested in this opportunity by emailing Support@aeries.com.





What To Expect - Aeries Road Map:

We are excited with all the advancements made to Aeries this last year and are even more excited about upcoming changes we have in the works.  Here is a quick list of changes to look out for in the coming months.

New Look To Aeries.net:  We are working on a new navigation theme, quick access to changing schools, and building more student-based dashboards like our new College and Graduation Readiness Dashboard!

LCAP Dashboard:  Built on top the Aeries Analytics Engine, coming soon is a set of FREE Dashboards designed to help schools and districts complete their LCAPs and evaluate effectiveness of focused interventions and LCFF Funds.

Discipline Dashboard Enhancements:  More features are coming to the Discipline Dashboard in Aeries.net including Administrative Action Analysis, Drill-Downs, and Top Student Graphs.

Intervention Dashboard:  Just like our Discipline Dashboard, this new feature will provide analysis capabilities on the distributions of your interventions.

HTML-Based Aeries Analytics Dashboards:  Silverlight is going away and the re-designed Aeries Analytics Dashboard System built on HTML 5 will have great new features and will be able to be used from iPads and other touch-screen systems.

Records Transfer:    Aeries is now used in almost half the districts in CA.  We have broken ground on developing the records transfer system.  Look for major announcements soon regarding this development.

Google Apps For Education:  We recently rolled out our integration with GAFE for creating student accounts.  We are building additional integrations including the mass-creation of Google Classrooms as well as integrating Google Authentication to Aeries.net

Summer Data Confirmation / Registration Enhancements:  You will be able to lock parents out of all areas of the parent portal until they complete the data confirmation process.  We are adding an option question about the Dwelling Type of the family (homeless status survey) and we are adding more multi-lingual support.

Alternative Education Scheduling:  Major changes are coming to how you build master schedules for alternative education sites that have self-contained, multi-subject instruction.  It’s getting way easier.  Details will be published soon.

504:  A new screen is in the works for managing 504’s on your students.

API Enhancements:  Our API is growing in its feature set.  Recent changes have provided access to Student Programs and soon it will give your 3rd party vendors access to Test Scores, Grades, Attendance, Course History, Discipline, and will provide more gradebook features like adding new assignments.

Rollover Changes:  New features and options are available this year.  Check out our revision notes for more details.





New & Returning Aeries Customers:

We’re happy to welcome our new and returning Aeries customers:

District/School Name

Prior SIS

Academy of Alameda Charter

No Prior SIS

Ballico-Cressey ESD


Bonsall USD


California Virtual Academy

No Prior SIS

Desert Trails Prep & Lavern ES
Eastern Sierra USD

No Prior SIS
Infinite Campus

Eden Area ROP

No Prior SIS

Hacienda La Puente USD

Custom SIS

Morgan Hill USD


New Jerusalem USD

School Wise

Old Mission Montessori

No Prior SIS

Pacoima Elementary Charter

No Prior SIS

Riverside COE


Santa Barbara USD


Whittier Union HSD









New Scheduling Training Videos:

Our video library continues to grow.  There are 11 new Scheduling videos available on our website:

Scheduling Videos

1  Introduction
2  Aeries CS Fields
3  Aeries.net Fields
4  Codes/Descriptions
5  How The Fields Work
6  When To Use The Fields
7  HS Academy Example 1
8  HS Academy Example 2
9  MS Teams Example 1
10 MS Teams Example 2
11 Query Population of Fields




Visit The Eagle Software Team at Upcoming Conferences:

Eagle Software invites you to visit some of the Aeries Sales and Support team at the following Fall/Winter 2015 conferences:

  • CETPA, December 1st – 4th, San Diego
  • CERA, December 2nd – 4th, Anaheim
  • CSBA, December 3rd – 5th, San Diego





Staff Changes:

Karren Mitchell – For 23 years, Karren was a dedicated employee at Tustin Unified School District, including 15 years at Foothill High School as the Data Processing Technician and 6 years as the District Manager of Student Data.  After retiring from the school district in 2012, Karren spent three years at Eagle Software as a valuable member of the first level support department.  Karren retired from Eagle Software in May of 2015.

Assuming New Responsibilities:
Kathy Cox – After spending more than a decade as a very knowledgeable member of the first level support department, Kathy Cox has shown her versatility in serving as a part-time member of both the Support and Quality Control/Documentation departments since the Fall of 2014.  Kathy Cox will make the permanent move to QC sometime in the near future.

Matt Hoffman – Following several months of working on various notable Aeries enhancements as side-projects, Matt officially made the transition full-time to the programming department in April 2015 after almost two years as a Second Level Support member.

New Hires:
Jason Doss – Jason joined Eagle Software in July of 2014 after his decade-long employment at Adelanto School District.  After years of being a great asset for Eagle Software, including presenting Aeries at Users’ Conferences, Jason now works in the Second Level Support department.

Sonia Cassatt – Sonia joined Eagle Software in September 2014 as its Sales Executive.  Sonia brings with her an extensive background in sales and marketing to schools from her past employment.  Sonia was one of the founding members of TeleParent Educational Systems and made the transition to Edline and Blackboard during those respective buyouts.

Scott Knuckles – Scott now serves as Eagle Software’s Education Partnerships Manager after joining the company in September 2014.  Scott comes to Eagle Software with 23 years of educational technology leadership and management experience, including 17 years as IT Director for three different school districts.

Tina Laviguer – From 2005 to 2014, Tina worked in various positions at the Orange Unified School District, including Senior Information Systems Support Specialist most recently.  Tina capitalized on her experience as a lead Aeries support team member at Orange to transition into a First Level Support representative in November 2014.

Sonia Torrez – Sonia joined Eagle Software in January 2015 with a diverse background in schools spanning the past 15 years.  Most recently, Sonia served as Registrar/Database Specialist for PAL Charter Academy in San Bernardino, CA.

Jackie Yslas – Following in her mother Ana Solis’ footsteps, Jackie joined the Eagle Software Support department in February 2015 without school district Aeries experience.  Jackie is committed to learning Aeries from her peers at Eagle Software with the goal to support Aeries users in their everyday jobs just as her mother did before her

JD McKeel – In five years working at Martinez and Fairfield-Suisun Unified School Districts, JD succeeded in managing a majority of the aspects involved with the Aeries systems.  JD transitioned from his latest position as Database Specialist/Programmer to Second Level Support in April 2015.

Matt Schutz – Joining Eagle Software as its latest Programmer in May 2015, Matt showed impressive skill and potential despite only just graduating from Mt. SAC in 2013 and having two years’ experience in the workforce as a web developer.





Emailing Aeries Support:

When emailing Support@aeries.com, please always include your Name, District and Phone # w/ extension.  If you are sending an email directly to an Aeries Support Representative, it is imperative that Support@aeries.com  is also copied in order to properly track and ensure customer requests are being handled.





Aeries New Features Highlights:

Please remember to check the following links for updated information: