Welcome to the next generation of Aeries

For more than 27 years, Aeries has been a leading student information system. From our open architecture and highly accessible database structure to our industry-leading API and 3rd party partnerships, Aeries has always believed that our customers should control their data. We've always aimed to empower our users by staying ahead of industry trends and advancements, and our future is no different.

Technology is always advancing and evolving. Shouldn't your SIS do the same?

What will NextGen deliver?

From system architecture and design to coding techniques and frameworks, the next version of Aeries will be faster and more scalable than ever before. By consulting with our users, industry experts, and technological advancements, we are ensuring that the system will effectively handle data.
  • 100% Access to ALL of your student data

    Users will have new, more intuitive, and robust means of getting data in and out of Aeries with more filtering, dashboards, query functionality, custom reports, and access to the Aeries API, which covers every piece of data within the SIS. Advanced users and apps can use the API to programmatically query data, post updates, and perform a wide variety of other tasks, while the everyday end-user will enjoy the ability to get what they need directly without asking someone else for it.

  • 100% Extensible, maximizing customizability

    We will be releasing the "Aeries SDK" or Software Development kit, which will give anyone the ability to create new pages and functionality that directly and seamlessly interface with Aeries. These "extensions" will be published through the "Aeries Marketplace" and can be shared with any Aeries customer.

  • 100% Cloud-Native

    We will be taking advantage of the best technologies to find the best solutions, including seamless updates to the software with zero or near-zero user down-time, self-service system management, automated system scaling to support peak system usage, and more.

  • 100% Automated Test Coverage

    We will be implementing a new technique called "Unit Testing", which requires that automated test scripts are created for every aspect of the system. This will minimize software bugs by applying consistent testing logic to every method and function in the system.

  • 100% Longitudinal Database

    All school years will be placed in a single database, reducing duplicate records that currently exist in multiple school year databases.

  • 100% Customer-Driven

    Our customers' needs are at the forefront of everything we do. We have established Advisory Committees to help learn more about to proceed with developments. Additionally, our Product Managers and Business Analysts will engage with customers on feature re-designs and developments.

NextGen FAQs

Why is Aeries making this change?
Will Aeries look different?
Will I still have access to my data?
How will previous years of data be handled?
Will I still have access to the Aeries Source Code to insert my customs?
What hosting platform will Aeries be using in NextGen?
What resources will be available to my district as we near this transition?
How can I get involved in the NextGen development process?

Want to Play a Role in the NextGen Development Process?

We encourage all users to share their voice by applying to join the Aeries NextGen Advisory Committe.

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