Aeries User Groups

What is a user group?

User groups are communities and resources managed by Aeries users. These meetings allow attendees to increase shared knowledge, exchange best practices, and find solutions to pressing issues.

Are user group meetings led by Aeries staff?

No! User groups are intended to be used as a space for Aeries users to discuss. While Aeries staff may be present at meetings, our intent is to listen and learn from you!

How do I join a user group?

We are so excited that you are interested in joining a user group.node. Please contact the listed representative so that you can get started!

Southern California Groups

Los Angeles- Whittier

Los Angeles
Leader: Jennifer Suter

Foothill User Group

Foothill - LA/Riverside/San Bernardino
Leader: Diana Taylor

San Diego Aeries Group

San Diego
Leader: DeWayne Cossey

Orange County Aeries User Group

Orange County School Districts & surrounding Areas (guests welcome)
Leader: Thomas Tan

RCOE Student System User Group

Riverside County
Leader: Paula Prieto

Best Net Aeries Advisory Group

San Bernardino County
Leader: Maggie Bunton

Northern California California Groups

San Francisco-West Bay

West SFO
Leader: Maureen Sharkey

Contra Costa County Aeries Group

Contra Costa County
Leader: Andrea Ramirez

Alameda County Aeries Group

Alameda County
Leader: Abraham Zamora

Eastern Sierra Aeries Collaborative

Eastern Sierra
Leader: Justin Norcross

Texas Groups

TAG (Texas Aeries Group)

Leader: Mark Sprague

Online Groups

County Office of Education User Group

All Over
Leader: Bernard Burchette

I'd love to start a group in my area!

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